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How Trump’s Enemies Got Him Elected

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for custom subliminal sessions lately.

And the requests are, more often than not, a large list of things that the person doesn’t want.

So I’ll have a quick discussion with them about how focusing on what you don’t want only brings more of it into your life.

Then we work out what they really want to have…

…and I write up a session that will help them get what they do want.

And it’s so important to remember this basic rule when setting goals: Focus entirely on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Because you’re going to get what you focus on the most.

Trump’s opposition got him elected by ignoring this age-old wisdom.

Love him or hate him, that man had everything working against him.

Billions of dollars in negative ads against him. Full time media coverage telling everybody not to vote for him. Every late night host mocking him and demonizing him nonstop.

And he still won.


Because his enemies, the people with billions of dollars and control of the mainstream media, focused entirely on him during the campaign…

And they got what they were focused on the most.

If they wanted Hillary to win, they should have focused on making sure that Hillary won.

Instead, they focused on making sure Trump didn’t win.

They made hundreds of millions of people visualize Trump as president, 24/7, for months on end.

And they got what they didn’t want, because it’s all they focused on.

So keep this in mind when setting goals for yourself. Identifying what you don’t want is a good first step…

But you have to move on to clearly defining the end result that you do want to achieve and then focus completely on that from then on.

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