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Speedzen CDs are going away

A few people have asked me when the new Speedzen 2.0 sessions will be available on CD.

My answer?


In fact…

We’re doing away with CDs entirely.

When the remaining inventory on the older titles sells out, that’s it.

No more CDs.

Speedzen will be entirely digital by 2020.

And, yes…

I know there are a handful of people that still insist on having physical CDs.

And, to those people, I’m sorry to say that we’re getting rid of them, but…

  • Shipping prices almost doubled this year.
  • Manufacturing costs keep going up.
  • The 4CD sets that would be required for every single title would be insanely expensive.
  • And, most importantly… They’d be impossible to update.

You see…

We’re going to be continuously improving all our Speedzen 2.0 sessions from now on.

We’ll be constantly working on new ways to make the scripts more effective, as well as experimenting with different sound options.

And the only way to deliver those updates to you, as they happen, is via MP3 downloads in your Speedzen account.

Speaking of which…

If you already own Improved Mental Focus & Productivity…

Then the new version will be available for download in your account when it goes live tomorrow.

And if you don’t own it already, you can get it here now, before the price goes up.

Best Wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder –

P.S. If you need help getting your account setup so you can access your MP3 downloads, just contact us and we’ll get you squared away!

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