Accelerated Healing

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Simply listen and relax as the soothing music eases you into a healing and rejuvenating meditative trance.

As you rest, your subconscious mind will receive powerful, positive subliminal suggestions designed to create a relaxed state of positive thinking and optimism conducive to healing and overall health.

After only one session you will:

  • Boost your immune system for rapid recovery from illness and prevention of future illnesses.
  • Maximize your body’s natural healing ability for accelerated healing of injuries.
  • Promote better overall health and energy levels.

With continued use you will obtain lasting results and improved health as the positive subliminal programming becomes permanent!

1 review for Accelerated Healing

  1. socaloski89 (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to this subliminal almost daily since early November (it is late January 29th as of this writing). I couldn’t really tell if it was working at first, but I was able to get through November, December, and January without getting so much as a common cold, and I didn’t even get any flu shots. This time last year, the flu sidelined me from work for a whole week, nearly costing me my job. Between work and school, I come into contact with a lot of people who cough like crazy without any regard for others, and my immune system has been giving all the nasty viruses the Mutombo finger wag.

    Thank you, Jason, for creating this awesome subliminal.

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