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Do you wish you were the life of the party?

Do you want to develop the one social skill that is guaranteed to get you more friends, attract better people into your life, and open up more opportunities for success and happiness?

Even if you’re a total stick in the mud, you can rest assured that humor is a skill anyone can learn. And developing a great sense of humor is the easiest way you can improve your social life right now.

Having a sense of humor makes you fun to be around. You’ll do better at work because other people will feel comfortable and open around you. You’ll have a better social life because making new friends and meeting new romantic partners is effortless when you know how to make people laugh.

You’ll also enjoy overall better health because being able to laugh and find the humor in anything will reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy life more fully…

…Especially during the dark and difficult times in life.

This subliminal hypnosis session will give you the subconscious attitude and habits you need to start being funnier from day one:

  • Pay more attention to funny people. You’ll find yourself noticing not only what makes you laugh, but why it makes you laugh. As you get more in touch with why you find things funny, you’ll naturally start putting those principles to work in your own conversations with others.
  • Start laughing at yourself. If you’re easily offended or always take yourself seriously, you create an emotional block that prevents you from seeing the humor in everything else. But as you learn to lighten up and start laughing at all the silly things about yourself, you’ll start noticing the funny things about the people and situations around you too.
  • Focus on being relaxed instead of funny. If you’re trying to be funny all the time, you’ll come off as a clown and get on people’s nerves. Natural humor comes from a state of openness, rather than constantly worrying about being funny. It’s much easier to simply relax into social interactions and allow your own humor to work itself organically into the conversation.

In time your new social habits and sense of humor will allow you to surround yourself with more positive people as you begin to bring fun and happiness into the lives of others. You’ll easily use your new sense of humor to make more friends and have overall better relationships with your family and colleagues.


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