Chakra Balancing




Just sit back, listen, and allow yourself to relax as you are taken on a blissful meditative voyage of spiritual rejuvenation. The powerful, trance inducing brainwave entrainment music will allow you to quickly and easily reach deep levels of meditation usually only achieved through years of practice and discipline.

Revitalize your mind and body as positive subliminal messages guide your subconscious mind through the process of opening, healing and balancing all seven chakras in sequence.

  • Experience improved health and vitality as you clear the flow of raw physical energy through your root chakra.

  • Release negative beliefs and old traumas to clear the flow of emotional energy through your sacral chakra and into your solar plexus.

  • Feel a deeper empathy and connection with loved ones as the energy builds and continues into your heart chakra.

  • Achieve increasingly higher levels of spiritual awareness, profound insight, and enhanced creativity as your throat, crown and third eye chakras become more active with time and practice.

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