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We call people who can consciously tap into the extra-sensory information in their subconscious mind psychics.

But few realize that everyone has access to this same information. Some more than others, but everyone nonetheless. So most people let their psychic potential go to waste.

Developing your psychic awareness is simply a matter of learning to silence your conscious mind and clear your emotional clutter long enough to allow yourself to become aware of this wealth of information that is always available to you.

There are three primary modes of psychic awareness. Clairvoyance is the ability to decode this subconscious information as visions, whereas clairaudience comes to you as sounds or guiding voices, and clairsentience appears as a gut feeling or intuitive knowing.

If you’re reading this, odds are you already know which mode comes easiest to you. That is where you should focus your efforts to develop and increase your psychic awareness.

This subliminal hypnosis session will help you remove the three most common blocks that keep people from developing their psychic abilities:

  1. Doubt: Your subconscious will faithfully obey any doubts you have about your abilities. If you say you cannot use your psychic awareness, or that you don’t have psychic awareness, your subconscious won’t argue with you. It will simply agree and continue ignoring any useful information it could have provided you, if you had approached instead with an attitude of faith and trust.
  2. Greed: Self-centered goals are restrictive. When you approach your psychic development with the aim to be useful to others, you can easily access everything that is available in the full spectrum of cosmic consciousness. But when you seek only to enrich yourself, or to put yourself above others, you restrict what you can access to a narrow band of destructive energy and information.
  3. Mental and Emotional Clutter: True intuition is very calm and quiet compared to the daily mental activity and daydreams that cloud our minds. If your thoughts and emotions are running wild, you’ll never be able to hear your inner voice. The music in this session is designed to help you relax and easily quiet your thoughts and calm your emotions. When you become familiar with this trance-like state you will be able to reach it easily on your own.

With faith and practice, your abilities will increase over time. The more you tune in and listen to your inner voice, and the more you act on it, the easier it will become to access it when you really need it.


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