Quit Carbs & Sugar




Willpower won’t stop you from binging on carbs and sugar. When you try to deprive yourself, it triggers your body’s fight-or-flight response.

Drastic diet changes always do, since your body mistakes the diet change as a signal that you are in danger of starvation. And it responds by lowering your metabolism and increasing your appetite to force you to eat. Your willpower simply can’t compete with this survival instinct.

The best way around this is to gradually habituate your body to healthier eating habits. When you slowly adjust to a better diet over time, your body won’t think it’s starving and you won’t have to fight any intense carbohydrate cravings.

This subliminal session will allow you to let go of your cravings for carbs as you gradually find yourself choosing healthier foods, allowing your body to adjust as you go.

The subliminal suggestions will give you a positive attitude towards your healthy changes. Rather than seeing these changes as a new diet, as something you are doing to deprive yourself, you will instead develop the attitude that you are simply moving towards a better way of living.

You will simply find yourself eating healthier more and more each day until you finally see yourself as a person who eats healthy. When your self-image becomes that of a person who eats healthy, and your body has adjusted to the changes, you’ll never have to battle cravings again. And you can get there without any of the stress and anxiety you would feel when trying to force yourself to stick to a diet.


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