Quit Drinking

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This session is NOT a replacement for treatment or the help of a support group. If you are serious about staying sober you should be in a group. The sole purpose of this album is to give you an added boost of motivation and emotional fortitude to help you through the initial rough patches of sobriety and stay sober afterward. Listening once every evening will:

  • Subliminally program your subconscious mind to support your conscious goal of staying sober. Your willpower is at its strongest when your mind, body and emotions are all in agreement.
  • Reduce stress while you listen, and implant subliminal suggestions to help you stay calm throughout the day. When you are less stressed, you will experience less temptation to have that first drink.
  • Help you work through any emotional attachments you have to drinking, so you can find new and healthier outlets for your emotions.
  • Inspire you to seek out people and activities you can enjoy sober.

If you’ve decided that you want to quit drinking once and for all, this album, combined with the help of a support group, will give you the tools you need to make it happen as painlessly as possible.

1 review for Quit Drinking

  1. Eugene (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this cd. Years of caregiving and work stress led me to find relief in alcohol and unable to stop.
    Will power and AA simply didn’t work. When I found SpeedZen, I was a little skeptical. But after less than two weeks of use
    I found the inner strength I needed and have been sober for several months. Remarkable.

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