Stop Hoarding & Control Clutter

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Whether your home looks like a maze of boxes and piles of clutter you’ll never actually use, or you simply want to improve your organizational skills around the house or the office, this subliminal hypnosis session can help you.

By allowing you to resolve any emotional needs you might be trying to fulfill with obsessive collecting, you will find it much easier to let go of the things you don’t really need. You will also find yourself paying more attention to whether or not you really need something before you buy it, preventing hoarding before it starts.

The subliminal suggestions will reprogram your subconscious mind with tidiness habits such as:

  • Always leaving a room or space cleaner than it was when you entered. Not only will you prevent future clutter by cleaning up messes as they happen, you will also take a little chunk out of the existing clutter each time. This makes the overall goal of cleaning up your entire home much easier by breaking it into smaller, easier steps that simply become an automatic part of your daily life.
  • Regularly emptying your garbage cans so there is always room for any new trash.
  • Putting things away, right away: Putting the laundry away the moment it’s finished so it doesn’t pile up. Putting the groceries away the moment you walk through the door. Etc…
  • Placing items you use daily within easy reach and boxing up stuff you don’t use regularly. Any boxes that don’t get opened within six months can easily be tossed out or donated.

With time, your home will finally become clean, safe and inviting; your work space organized and productive. And your new habits will keep them that way!

1 review for Stop Hoarding & Control Clutter

  1. Bennett

    I had a problem with hoarding for years in that I could throw out garbage, however, newspapers and old magazines would be placed in boxes for storage to be read later. As the boxes of papers took up more and more space, I knew I had a problem, and I looked for an answer. There are a lot of books on hoarding, yet reading them did not change the situation. I purchased the SpeedZen CD “Stop Hoarding and Control Clutter” in the autumn of 2016, and after about a month of listening to it decided to go through the boxes of newspapers and threw out most of them in a few weeks . There were a great many boxes to go through and it took a while, however, it feels a lot better to finally get rid of all those accumulated papers. I told my relatives about SpeedZen and they were supportive since it got results. I plan to tell my doctor about the CD since he was also aware about my hoarding problem. No cure works 100% of the time for all people, however, based on the positive effect it had on me, I do suggest people who have a problem with hoarding try it out. I am not getting paid for this rating, however, I am writing this review in the hope that it might help others who have clutter problem. Listening to a CD is a lot easier than taking a medical pill, or reading articles and books, or going to therapy sessions that might not work for many of the patients that try out these suggested “cures” for their hoarding problem.

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