Play From Your Heart
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Play From Your Heart


As a musician, you’ve certainly experienced the pure bliss of creative flow…

That state where you feel like a perfect channel for the music of your soul, as each note flows effortlessly into the next.

…Your hands go where they’re needed without a second thought, and the music pours straight from your heart and through your instrument.

But, if you tend to lose that flow when it comes to playing for others, then you also know how scary it can feel trying to get back into that flow state while under pressure.

Out there on stage… performance anxiety strikes.

Your muscle memory seems to fade away, leaving you fumbling around as if you’d never practiced at all. Your mind spews out worried thoughts, crippling your creativity and making you forget what to do next.

Luckily, this anxiety is nothing more than a simple mindset issue that can be easily solved by removing the subconscious need to be perfect and in control when others are watching you. Fear of being out of control is the enemy of creativity, especially when your performance depends on your ability to just let go and experience the music.

This session will train your mind to stay focused on the music, and only the music, whenever you perform. Allowing you to remain in that state of flow, even under pressure, as you learn to let go of worry and stop getting stuck in your head when it’s time to play.

You will feel more free and focused from day one.

And, with practice, you will learn to finally let go of control, and simply allow the music of your heart to flow, free and clear, into the hearts and souls of your audience.

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