How to Use Speedzen Subliminals

WARNING: Do not listen to ANY Speedzen audios while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Stereo headphones are required for best results.

You can listen to your Speedzen subliminal messaging albums whenever you have a full uninterrupted hour to experience the entire session. However, most people achieve the quickest results when listening in the evening prior to going to bed. Not only does this allow the subconscious to work on the hypnotic suggestions throughout the night, the trance induced by the brainwave entrainment technology will prepare you for a very restful sleep.

In a distraction-free environment, sit or lie down in a position that is most comfortable for you. Put on your headphones and test the audio level to make sure the sound is not too loud before beginning.

Start the album from the beginning, close your eyes, and simply relax into the music. As you focus on the music, you will be gently guided into a deep hypnotic trance. Your subconscious mind will hear and act upon the hypnotic suggestions, which often include instructions for visualization exercises.

Your subconscious will also be instructed to take as much time as it needs to perform these exercises. And when a firm grasp of the new concepts is internalized, to automatically wake you up. So you may wake up before the full 1 hour is over. This is fine, it simply means the exercises have been completed and the session is over.

You will probably find that you require the full hour or more during your first few sessions, and much less after practice. Listen to your CD at least 3 times a week the first two weeks, and at least once a week afterward until you are confident that the results have become permanent.

Using The Metabolism Booster

Unlike our subliminal hypnosis sessions, the Metabolism Booster is designed to increase energy levels and boost your metabolic rate.

When you listen to this track while working out, or even just doing chores around the house, you will experience an increase in energy while the brainwave entrainment technology supercharges your metabolism to maximum fat-burning capacity.

Once you are finished, the second 20 minute track will cool you back down and give your mind and body a moment to refresh and recharge.

The metabolism booster causes your mind and body to run at peak performance, which can be draining if you do not keep your body properly fueled. Do not listen more than once a day, and be sure to drink plenty of water and maintain proper nutrition. A high protein diet with a daily multivitamin supplement is recommended. As with any dietary changes, you should consult your physician beforehand.