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Stop struggling with money

Got an interesting email from a reader this morning. She said she didn’t have enough money to get the session she wants and suggested that I should make Attract Money 2.0 free so that everyone in a similar situation could use it, get their finances in order, and then they’d be able to buy other […]

Eat healthier without trying

My favorite part about the Healthy Eating Habits session is how people always report that their unhealthy cravings simply disappear after listening… Without any effort on their part. They just wake up one day and notice that they’re eating better: “Noticed a difference in less time than I thought it would take.The changes are so […]

The cheat code for life

Anything you want is yours. That’s the formula. And the “cheat code” that makes it work is discipline. I don’t mean the hard discipline of forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, either (although that’s a worthwhile ability to develop, too, it comes second to this one). No… The only discipline you […]

Say this every morning… it’ll change your life

Happy people are more successful than unhappy people. Feeling happy makes you more optimistic and motivates you to set and achieve new goals. A happy and grateful attitude even improves your immune system and increases your energy levels so you can deal with life’s challenges without getting bogged down and burnt out. So it’s backwards […]

Focused motivation vs unfocused motivation

If you want to make huge changes in your life… Then you’ll want to avoid the trap of trying to make dozens of changes at once. I realize the temptation is huge. You discover subliminals that really work to make changes in your life. You get super excited and want to change everything about yourself… […]

Kicking those junk food cravings in just 3 days

John got his first custom subliminal a few days ago and after only 3 days of listening he’s already getting results… I just wanted to pass on a thank you for the custom subliminal. Since my first listen, I have not purchased any Pepsi Max, my preferred ‘fizzy drink’ of choice has been sparkling mineral […]

When in doubt, just start moving

You can’t decide on a course of action without cutting off all your other options. And that’s scary. But… that fear can lead to long-term procrastination, and avoiding your own plans and goals, if you let it. Especially for big decisions, where the serious self-doubts really kick in: “How can I know this what I […]

4 Speedzen subliminals in 1?

The other day when I explained how much more powerful custom subliminals are… due to the fact that they address you by name… I also mentioned that you can combine several subliminals into one while you’re at it. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to combine wildly incompatible sessions since then, so I should […]

The biggest weakness of Speedzen 2.0 subliminals

The Speedzen 2.0 scripting method is pretty powerful. One script addresses your logical mind, taking it through a step by step conversation to logically demonstrate all the reasons why you can achieve your goals. The other script addresses your creative mind, giving it all sorts of positive images and feel-good emotions to make you feel […]

“Lower your prices so I can buy more subliminals”

No. Believe it or not, I didn’t start Speedzen with the goal of selling the most subliminals. I started Speedzen to help people create positive, lasting change in their lives. Subliminals were a part of that, but it’s becoming clear that it’s time to shift focus, and make them a much smaller part. After all… […]