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Speedzen Reviews

“I’ve stopped worrying about what others are thinking…”


Nadia B.
London, UK

I am most impressed with Speedzen, especially Unstoppable Confidence which has really changed my attitude and relationships to people and my approach to learning.

For example, when I began a watercolour art class in the New Year, as a beginner in the subject, I initially felt very intimidated by the teacher, the whole class (everyone seemed more experienced and ‘better’ than me), and I was simply overwhelmed with the idea of studying a completely new subject (thinking that ‘I’m not good enough’).

Anyway, it didn’t take long at all (only 2-3 sessions) to break away from these outdated negative thoughts (eg fear of failure), I was really amazed at how quickly this subliminal started to work!

Now, having listened to this album many times, I feel so much more comfortable with my pace of learning and have stopped worrying about what others are thinking. Generally, I just feel better about myself which is a huge bonus! For anyone new to this website, this subliminal technology is really the way to go!

“I’m able to be me!”


Joshua M.
Chicago, IL

I have always suffered from being an overly emotional person, alienating myself from others and becoming a loner for most of my life after high school. I took anger management classes for 3 years and those failed me. I tried talking to counselors and they failed me also.

Then one day I ran into a stranger at the grocery store who shared a story similar to mine. She referred me to your website where I found the Anger Management subliminal.

After using the CD, it was like I was a new person with a whole new outlook on life. I listened pretty much each day, 5 days out of the week, and within two months I realized that I was no longer suffering from emotional instability.

Suddenly I’m able to socialize well with others without obsessing over what they will think or say about me. I’m able to be me!

“I feel like I’m finally alive…”


Rob R.
Hamilton, Ontario

I am completely shocked at the transformation I have experienced in a very short time. To say it’s phenomenal, would be understating.

I have suffered for much of my 45 years with a self-diagnosed social anxiety disorder. After my second marriage ended, I really wanted to get a life of my own, and just be happy and have a great time. On my own, I’ve pushed myself to get out there, and be part of the world. Eventually, I would strike up conversations with people I had become familiar with over time, but never with complete strangers. It was a step, but the steps taken were slow and gruelling, and I was constantly feeling like I had failed in my mission.

More recently, I went out with a friend to see another friend’s band play. I felt great and had a really good time, but still struck out, outside of my small social circle.

A couple of days later, I purchased the mp3 and played it every night as I was going to sleep. I noticed a difference in my general mood after the first night. Then more and more each day. I felt happy and very comfortable in my own skin, and I loved it.

The next weekend I went out alone, as my friends were not available, and my mission continued. The results of that evening are staggering, to me, who has never been comfortable in social settings. In one night, I approached, and conversed, flirted with, and hugged more women than I have in my entire life up to that night. I didn’t know any of them before that night. I also had many of them introduce themselves to me (many of them in their 20’s!) . Some were very touchy/feely with me, which really boosted my ego.

Even guys wanted to meet me, and were treating me as if we were long time friends. Incredible.

I can’t wait for next weekend, as I’m expecting this to progress with continued listening. I honestly feel like I’m an amazing, confident and attractive human being. Something I’ve never felt, ever.

This product is nothing short of amazing, and I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon your site. Thank you for this.
I feel like I’m finally alive.

“My hunger cravings have gone away…”

I suffer from a Thyroid problem. I always needed naps throughout the day. At least one hour or so, sometimes more. I felt as if I was getting bigger everyday and I knew I needed to do something about it. I am presently listening to your Increase Metabolism CD. I have been listening to it faithfully for the last week and a half, and I feel a great amount of energy while listening.

I absolutely love it!

My hunger cravings have gone away and I have a very active lifestyle. You are a true genius to think of something like this. I truly know that this will change my life for the better. I owe you many thanks for coming up with this. I feel so much better about myself and I am doing more now than I have done in the past year. Thumbs up all the way!! Thank you so much.

— Kim Gullickson, Milwaukee, WI

“I feel more in control…”


Jennifer Lupinacci
Pittsburgh, PA

I recently purchased End Gambling Addiction. I like to gamble and felt out of control. I hate feeling out of control about anything..I need balance. As soon as I started to listen to the recording I was better. It didn’t have a hold on me. I feel more in control, and that is the truth. Again with not liking the feeling of being out of control, I needed a support of sorts. I am not the type that likes to admit weakness because of my profession. However, it helped me immediately. I actually like to listen to the recording because it reminds me of good things and places, like Sedona, Arizona. Sound effects me, I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and honestly, I have.

“This is unheard of for me to take care of me and value me…”


Bridget McGuire

Dear Jason,

I have listened to subliminal CD’s for years and everyone you could think of for attracting love, finding the right mate, and the list goes on and on.

I have been single the last 18 years from getting out of an abusive relationship. To say the least my love map was messed up and I was so scared to find love but I was also scared to be alone. Thank goodness I had a beautiful daughter to take care of and she was my first priority which actually kept me safe, by keeping her safe. Then she grew up and left home.

So I have done so much Therapy and reading books lots and lots of books, listening to subliminal tapes. But there was one book that hit my heart the most its called Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson and it is amazing. When I read about what you wrote about needing to be YOU before you can allow the right man to come in it totally hit the nail on the head, because that is what she talks about in her book!! So I got your CD and listened and this is what I found out: I was never me in relationship I was who I thought the guy wanted me to be.

I found that what I was saying to myself was can I be what he needs!! Crazy I know, so it explained to me why I was always in the Master/Slave relationships. So I have a completely different way I look at dating, for the first time in my life I know that I will meet the right man that will marry me and in the mean time I am actually doing my house the way I want it! This is unheard of for me to take care of me and value me but your subliminal CD has given me hope and love not just for someone else but for me that I have never had before in my life!!

From the bottom of my heart I Thank You and appreciate you reading this! 🙂

I believe that out all of the Subliminal CDs I have used, and I have used alot of them, yours are the only ones that I have had real transformation within my daily life!!!

Thanks so much!

“I’m no longer controlled by my hunger…”


Stacey Anderson
Ballston Spa, NY

I’ve been using Metabolism Booster in conjunction with Healthy Eating Habits and have noticed a huge difference in the way I look at food.

I just don’t crave sweets the way I used to. It’s like they’ve lost their hold over me. I go looking for the healthy, filling options my body really wants.

I’ve lost weight, but more importantly I have more energy and I’m no longer controlled by my hunger and cranky in the afternoons. I look better in the mirror and I feel better during the day. Thank you so much!

“…Subtle but powerful”

Your free subliminal mp3 works wonders. I played it at night during sleep and I started to feel a difference after 3 days.

My attitude changed from a more pessimistic view on the world to a more positive attitude. I started to smile a bit more spontaneously and just felt good about myself. Now, after 3 weeks it really payed off listening to the track.

The effects are subtle but powerful.

Especially when friends start to say that you are smiling a lot more than before. Thanks for helping me to get along after a very dark period in my life. 🙂

—Johan O.

“The most comprehensive, effective subliminal programs available”


Mike Bailey
Fort Worth, TX

Simply put, SpeedZen produces the highest-quality subliminal programs available at any price.

Unlike other products, SpeedZen tracks are designed so that science and psychology come together to yield maximum results. I felt the effects of the program the very first time I tried it… and subsequent uses have only helped to lock-in the desired change.

SpeedZen has definitely done their homework in producing the most comprehensive, effective subliminal programs available today. They’re great tools for making positive changes in your life.

(Accelerated Healing and Positive Thinking Power programs)

“I haven’t felt this good in over 40 years”


Bryan Anderson
Surrey, BC

Since using your Unstoppable Confidence CD I haven’t felt this good in over 40 years. I have accomplished more in this 6 month period than in the past 20 years of my life. My learning, growth and excitement about life has grown.

I have tried many other subliminal companies and they never got me as clear and ready to deal with life. The way you have structured these CDs is interesting and it works.

Thank you.

“A great boost to any other personal development programs”


Erick R.
Los Angeles, CA

The soundtrack is very calming and can be used by itself as a meditation background.

It just gets you into such a relaxed state.

I have been using Unstoppable Confidence for about 3 weeks and feel so much more in tune with my abilities to express myself in all aspects. It provides a great boost to any other personal development programs for feeling better about yourself. I think it’s a great system.

“I just hope my competitors don’t find this treasure…”


James “Nightshadow” Martin
Metairie, LA

I had been playing darts – 501 and Cricket – for six months, totally frustrated at not getting better in all that time. Then, during the first week of listening to your subliminal darts accuracy recording, I noticed improvement almost overnight.

The force and form of my throw just feels more natural, and I even made two triple twenties out of three darts during a 501 game recently!

I just hope my competitors don’t find this treasure. I throw as good or even better than people that have been throwing fifteen years. It’s only been a month since I’ve been listening and I’m already planning on competing in a tournament. This is definitely the competitive edge I needed.

I liked your free mp3 so much that I had to buy the full Unstoppable Confidence CD!

I used to have tons of trouble at school because I was always trying to be kind and courteous, but I had no idea how to stand up for myself at the same time. This subliminal helped me get rid of my bullying problems, communicate with my teachers better, and develop a more positive attitude.

If anyone is undecided about which album to start off with, I say that you should invest in the confidence album. It will change your life forever!

— Joe, Tampa, FL


Jorge Andrés

Thank you guys for providing the free confidence booster!

I definitely feel calmness now and have less stress. I already find myself relating more openly with people. I also think faster and feel more confident. It’s a life changing experience.


Rina Delaplane
Lake Worth, FL

Just quickly wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your confidence and relaxation demo.

It felt like I was floating on a different planet… outstanding!!!!

The stress of the day is gone. Absolutely loved it!


Robert M.
Atlanta, GA

I use Positive Thinking in conjunction with my meditation practice. Shortly after I added speedzen I began to notice a significant positive shift in my thought patterns. Of course this translated into my speech patterns and actions. I can see the results in my daily interactions with others but most importantly my interaction with myself.


Robert Garcia
Anaheim Hills, CA

I used the Day Trading Success MP3 to great effect. If anyone has traded any financial instruments knows the biggest hurdle to success and profits is the mental game. I used it 3 to 4 times a week and over a period of 3 months I saw my profits increasing, my losses decreasing and my equity curve going up. I can’t say enough for this product. Thank you Speedzen!


Debbie Graves
Ontario, Canada

Your confidence album made me immediately feel relaxed and stronger mentally.

Only had to replay it once… Awesome!

Looking forward to listening to more of your MP3s. Thanks!


Julie Buckner
Baltimore, MD

I bought your ADHD CD for my 11 yr old son and he listens to it every night as he falls asleep.

He is noticeably more organized and focused in school ever since making this a part of his routine. What a valuable and easy to use, extra little tool to help my son… Great!


Sean Leasure
Coraopolis, PA

I own the Anger Management subliminal and I love it. It’s really gone a long way to making me more calm and centered. It’s especially good at helping me relax after work. I cannot recommend it enough.


Dave Dietz
Timonium, MD

Unstoppable Confidence helped me to rid myself of anxiety I experienced while driving in unfamiliar areas (I had been in a bad car accident years before). I noticed in a matter of weeks this anxiety I experienced while driving was going away. Thanks!


David Nickum
Fairfax, VA

When I used the Unstoppable Confidence Subliminal CD my life changed for the better in every way. I was able to start my own company, complete 2 marathons and I also met the girl of my dreams. This CD helped me overcome my fear that got in my way of my success all of my life. Thanks for the help guys.


Daniel S.
Parker, CO

I was struggling with memory issues – memory lapses, test taking difficulties at times and retention of material – so I went with the Speedzen photographic memory MP3. Great results, much sharper on fact retention when studying. This was great because I was in a technical field, so needed help along these lines. Testing much easier. I passed 50 exams in printer repair over a one year period, and also my music got better, being that I am a musician and needed to remember words, chords, lead licks, etc.

Tony C


Tony Carson
Coventry, England

I purchased “Master The Guitar” and was pleasantly pleased that after two weeks listening to it, I was noticing that my practise sessions on my guitar, were a bit more focused and seemed easier to do…more enjoyable and less worrying or pressure on myself to technically learn it and just enjoy playing, then after a few more weeks listening, I was able to really enjoy jamming to a background beta and it sounded so much better with my rhythm and timing. I was actually enjoying playing instead of being a bit of a chore to make sure I got better. I still practice a bit these days and have found listening to the track I get enthusiasm and a new perspective of my hobby. I am pleased I found this track from your website, I had been looking for something like this for a looooonnnnnggggg time… Thank you again.

“Just a general sense of well being…”



John Sposito

I have listened to plenty of subliminial cd’s from various sincere companies during the last two years but the Speedzen “Unstoppable Confidence” trumps them all. It has to be the what I think may be patented technology in the recording. Saying it another way if you read the website carefully you can understand the different approach used in making the albums that can enhance success.

I used it daily and now just maintenance twice a week with headphones and fall asleep with them on. Eventually my actions had some subtle changes ie., I’d walk with my head up, not rush or feel fear when I may be holding up a line at the supermarket and just a general sense of well being.

Try it for a month and you’ll be happy with it.

“It has helped me believe in me…”


Jorge Mendoza

I came across Speedzen four years ago, since then I turned a regular client and still listen to the tracks daily before sleeping. I have purchased 12 tracks and still am going to get more.
Speedzen has assisted me in strengthening not only my confidence and social skills but developing my productivity. My top 3 tracks are Unstoppable Confidence, Alpha Male Confidence, and Mental Focus & Productivity. I have seen a positive impact in both my professional and personal life, particularly when I must speak or develop a new concept. Or when I hang out with my friends and have to get to know more people or girls. It has helped me believe in me.

As a result of using your “Attract Money” CD I have found this particular instrument of exchange fairly suddenly easy to obtain. I was living in the United Kingdom when I first used it and I noticed the change soon afterwards. Now I live in Sri Lanka and the CD is still packed away where I can’t get it but the former use of it in Britain lasts here. The impression I have is that the benefits are permanent. Even one session with headphones does the job. For people with difficulties I do not hesitate recommending your company. Warning: There are a large number of charlatans out there. You are the Real Deal in my view. Thank you.

Ali Ismail
Sri Lanka

“I think I may have uncovered one of my previous incarnations!”


Ray Canada
Charlotte, NC

I’ve been using Speedzen recordings for about 4 years now. I have experienced results with every album. However, your Chakra Balancing subliminal gave me a spiritual awakening that I will never forget. I used to listen to this album every night while I was asleep. When I would turn over at night, I could feel my chakra’s being affected. I use to feel sensations in my lower back, abdomen, heart, and head. It felt like balls of energy were being “lit up” throughout my body. While awakening to this recording one morning, I awoke with this name in my head. I had never heard of this name before. Just for kicks and giggles, I decided to google it. I found out that it belonged to a professional football player who lived from 1885-1973. His full name had six syllables in it. I thought that was very interesting because so did mine. In addition, his facial expressions mirrored some of the ones that I have made in my previous pictures. He was born on February 9th and died on February 1st. I was born on February 10th. He died at 77. He passed away just 8 days shy of his 78th birthday. I was born in 1978!! I think I may have uncovered one of my previous incarnations! Your materials are beyond powerful! Than you so very much for this experience!!!

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