Better Relationship With Money Subliminal Affirmations MP3


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There are so many negative, limiting beliefs about money…

“Money is the root of all evil.”

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

“I’m just not good with money.”

“You can’t be rich and happy.”

And if you grew up with these myths about money, then you probably internalized a lot of them as negative self-talk that prevents you from making much money yourself. My favorite excuse for not having money was always “Money can’t buy happiness!” Well, maybe not, but it can certainly solve a lot of problems that not having money will create. And once you realize that money is nothing more than a tool, and tools can be used for good or bad depending on the user, it really doesn’t make sense for good people to not have money!

This subliminal affirmations MP3 provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music to relax your body and mind while positive affirmations rewire your negative self-talk about money so that you can develop a better relationship with money based on gratitude and respect, rather than fear and scarcity.

Better Relationship With Money Subliminal Affirmations

  • Money is just a tool, and I choose to use money for good.
  • I am grateful for the money that I have.
  • I am thankful for the comfort and joy that money provides me.
  • I am in control of my financial future.
  • My knowledge of money is growing more and more each day.
  • I am creating financial independence with my knowledge of money.
  • There is plenty for everybody.
  • Money is flowing to me in waves of abundance.
  • Having money is just a natural part of my life.
  • The money I earn is a reflection of the value I have created for others.
  • The more I share my skills with the world the more money flows to me.
  • Having money feels great.
  • I am grateful for the money that is coming to me.
  • I deserve to enjoy the abundance of life.
  • I am open to giving and receiving wealth.
  • I am grateful for the good things I am accepting into my life now.
  • I love feeling successful.
  • There is always enough to go around.
  • I always have enough.
  • My health, wealth and happiness are increasing every day.


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