Love Cleaning Affirmations MP3



A clean home makes you and your family feel happier and eliminates the stress caused by a chaotic environment.

This subliminal affirmations MP3 provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music embedded with powerful positive affirmations to give you the mindset of cleaning for the love of having a safe and happy home, instead of seeing cleaning as a chore.

Love Cleaning Subliminal Affirmations

  • I love how my home looks.
  • I have fun keeping my home clean.
  • The cleaner my home is, the better I feel.
  • I feel at peace when I create a clean space.
  • I value my clean home as a gift to myself and my family.
  • Having a clean home makes me feel calm and confident.
  • I love finding everything in its place when I need it.
  • It’s easy to put things away right after I’m finished with them.
  • Cleaning up as I go makes my life so much easier.
  • Tidying up throughout the day gives me energy and peace of mind.
  • I feel a great sense of accomplishment after I’ve cleaned up.
  • People admire my cleanliness.
  • I feel proud knowing that I have a clean and healthy home.
  • People feel safe and welcome when they visit my home.
  • Every room of my house makes me feel at peace.
  • My clean home is an expression of my love for others.


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