Remember Your Dreams Affirmations MP3


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Remembering your dreams is a skill you can develop just like any other. The first step is to set your intention to remember details from you dreams by keeping a dream journal next to your bed and writing down every detail you can recall from you dreams the moment you wake up. This habit will prime your mind to begin remembering more and more details from your dreams every night.

Then you can use this subliminal affirmations MP3 to speed up the process by listening each night as you fall asleep. The isochronic tones in the music work by lowering you into a deep theta state while you listen. You’ll reach REM sleep faster and the affirmations will prime your subconscious mind to place more importance on remembering your dreams, so you’ll wake up with the dreams fresh in your memory to write down in your dream journal, more and more each morning.

Remember Your Dreams Subliminal Affirmations

  • I am remembering more details from my dreams every night.
  • My dream memory is improving all the time.
  • I am excited to see how many dream details I can remember when I wake up.
  • I am remembering more of my dreams every day.
  • My dream memory is getting stronger.
  • My first thought when I wake up will be to remember my dreams.
  • Remembering details from my dreams is fun and exciting.
  • When I wake up I will write down as many details about my dreams as I can.
  • I can’t wait to see how many dreams I remember in the morning.
  • I naturally recall vivid details from all of my dreams now.
  • Dreaming is an important part of my creativity.
  • Remembering my dreams in vivid detail just comes naturally to me now.


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