Sleep Easy Affirmations MP3


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Fall asleep fast and wake up fully rested and ready to hit the ground running!

This subliminal affirmations MP3 provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music designed to help you fall asleep easy.

And the embedded affirmations will program your mind to develop better attitudes and habits towards sleep so that you get to sleep faster and easier every night.

You will also find yourself getting better sleep and feeling more rested after several sessions.

Sleep Easy Affirmations

  • As my body relaxes, I enjoy the warm feeling growing in my chest.
  • Pictures of a safe and quite place are forming in my mind now.
  • As that warm feeling of relaxation spreads throughout my entire body.
  • And my muscles relax more and more with every breath I take.
  • My mind is focusing more and more and the beautiful images forming in front of me.
  • And my body feels lighter and lighter.
  • Like a feather floating away on a gentle breeze.
  • I love the feeling of simply drifting away now.
  • I can feel my body recharging in the sea of infinite abundance of the universe.
  • I love coming to this place where I feel relaxed and safe and detached.
  • It’s so easy for me to simply drift away.
  • And dream of all the things I’m excited about doing tomorrow.
  • All the pleasurable experiences that life can bring me.
  • I am excited to wake up with new energy and new excitement.
  • I look forward to achieving great things tomorrow.
  • I love living a life full of energy and new experiences.


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