Unleash Your Personal Power Subliminal Affirmations MP3


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Tap into your personal power and unleash the drive and passion you need to take control of your destiny!

This subliminal affirmations MP3 provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music embedded with powerful positive affirmations to give you the mindset you need to start taking massive action towards making your dreams a reality. Fearlessly, without hesitation, procrastination or self-doubt.

Unleash Your Personal Power Subliminal Affirmations

  • I am always taking action to move forward in my life.
  • I can reach any goal I set for myself.
  • When I see an opportunity to move forward I take action immediately.
  • I learn from mistakes and keep moving forward.
  • I have total faith in my ability to get things done.
  • I am driven to create success for myself.
  • I am motivated to follow through on my plans so I can have the success I want.
  • My ambition and focus are growing stronger each and every day.
  • Taking action just comes natural to me now.
  • I always have a plan so I can take action in the moment.
  • I trust my instincts so I can always improvise when the unexpected happens.
  • People see me as a person who just gets things done.
  • Others admire my ability to stay focused and positive.
  • I am inspiring others to take action to improve their lives.
  • Success comes naturally to me because I am always ready to take action.
  • I can rely on my power to respond to changes without hesitation.
  • Self discipline is easy because I know exactly what I want.
  • Taking control of my actions and staying on course just comes naturally to me.
  • My thoughts and emotions are always focused on achieving my goals now.


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