Win The Lottery Affirmations MP3


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This is one of the most requested titles we’ve ever had.

So we’re making it available now with this disclaimer: While technically possible to win the lottery with the Law of Attraction, there are far more practical ways to attract and grow wealth in your life.

This session comes with no guarantees.

Win The Lottery Affirmations

  • I’ve won the lottery.
  • I am a lottery jackpot winner.
  • I am very grateful for winning the lottery.
  • I am the kind of person who naturally attracts winning lottery numbers.
  • Choosing winning numbers comes naturally to me.
  • I am grateful for winning the lottery.
  • I have an abundance of money from my lottery winnings.
  • Lottery winnings are being attracted into my life.
  • My mind is open and is receiving winning numbers.
  • I am manifesting winning lottery number within my mind.
  • Money is flowing to me easily and effortlessly.
  • My mind is in tune with the universe to receive winning lottery numbers.
  • Winning lottery numbers come naturally to me.
  • My mind naturally picks winning lottery numbers.
  • I feel lucky.
  • I fully deserve to win the lottery.
  • I am ready to receive a large amount of money.
  • Every day I am getting luckier and luckier.
  • I am so grateful for winning the lottery.
  • It is my destiny to win the lottery.
  • I am grateful for receiving large amounts of money.
  • I am a lottery winner.
  • I am firmly determined to win the lottery.
  • I am destined to win huge amounts of money.
  • It’s such a great feeling to be a millionaire.
  • I give myself permission to win the lottery.
  • I’m mentally prepared to win the lottery jackpot today.


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