Confident Decision Maker




Do you often find yourself struggling to make decisions?

Do you agonize over every insignificant detail, making sure that everything is perfect before you can decide…

…Only to second guess yourself once the decision is made?

In our fast paced world you need to move fast to succeed. And when you don’t make decisions quickly and confidently, you are deciding by default to stick with the status quo and stay behind.

It’s impossible to make the perfect decision. Every choice you ever make will have pros and cons, and a cost involved. After looking at all the available information, confident decision makers only focus on one question when making the final decision: Will the payoff be bigger than the cost?

So the only decision you need to make is to keep moving forward. After that all other decisions become easy because you can quickly decide whether or not the cost is worth the payoff.

This subliminal hypnosis session will supercharge your decision making power by addressing these key mindset issues where most people get stuck:

  • Letting go of the need for perfection. You don’t need to be sure that a decision is perfect. The world will keep changing and you’ll most certainly need to change course to keep up with the times, so worrying about making everything perfect beforehand will only keep you stuck in the past. Letting go of the need for perfection allows you to focus on where you’re at right now, and where you want to be tomorrow.
  • Embracing uncertainty. All hesitation can be traced back to fear of the unknown and the fear that you might not be prepared for what’s ahead. But as you begin to develop a stronger faith in your ability to learn as you go and tackle new challenges, you’ll begin to embrace uncertainty and move forward without hesitation.
  • Building confidence in your intuition. Making fast and confident decisions relies a great deal on intuition. Your subconscious will alert you to the best course of action if you are open and listening to its signals, and your faith in your intuition will grow the more you begin to act on it and see the results for yourself. With time you will be able to know, at a glance, whether or not a decision is right for you based on gut feelings alone.

Decide today to start moving forward and everything else will fall into place. Your ability to gather all the relevant information and make quick, confident decisions – without getting lost in all the unimportant details – can only improve from here on out.


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