Mental Toughness




Do you choke under pressure? Do you inexplicably lose to weaker opponents? Does your focus and determination abandon you at crunch time?

Most athletic performance problems are not a result of poor training, inadequate coaching, or a lack of physical ability. Obviously those things are important, but in the heat of the moment the athlete that falls apart hasn’t mastered the mental factors like excessive nervousness, intimidation, loss of focus, negativity, lack of confidence, or obsessing over past mistakes.

Mental toughness is the ability to maintain the focus and determination to compete despite all those mental and emotional hang-ups. It’s the ability to cut through the noise and the pain and stay focused on the prize despite everything else going on in your mind.

So how much time do you spend training your mind and developing the mental strength of a champion? If you’re a committed, dedicated athlete, then you work too hard to let your competitive performance be disrupted by poor mental training.

This subliminal session is loaded with powerful hypnotic suggestions designed to laser-focus your mind on winning so that you can:

  • Eliminate negativity and self-doubt.
  • Control those run-away nerves so that you stay cool and calm under pressure.
  • Quickly rebound from failures without losing your focus.
  • Let go of your mistakes and control your emotions during competition.
  • Stay motivated to get the most out of your training on a daily basis.

With time you’ll find it easier and easier to stay relaxed under pressure. You’ll easily focus on what matters without getting distracted and without letting your opponent get in your head. And your self-confidence and positive attitude that you can win – and deserve to win – will become unshakeable.


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