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Studying for exams can be difficult and stressful if you’re not passionate about the subject matter.

But your academic success relies on getting good grades even in the mind-numbingly boring required courses.

The secret to getting motivated to study topics you don’t like is the same as getting motivated to exercise or eat healthy: You don’t do it because you enjoy it, you do it because you want to look good and feel good.

You get motivated by focusing on the end result and getting excited about the benefits of all the boring and difficult work. In this case, getting a passing grade so you can get your degree and have a successful career.

This subliminal hypnosis session will align your subconscious mind with your conscious goal of passing your exams, instantly giving you the mental focus and motivation you need to study like a straight-A student.

And by programming your subconscious mind to automatically organize all the boring rote memorization into vivid visual imagery that it can easily understand, simply listening to this subliminal album will improve comprehension and retention from day one.


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