Aura Reading


Imagine being able to spot dishonest people a mile away, before they have a chance to win you over with fine words and superficial charm. Aura reading is the ability to see a person’s true self, instead of the false image they try to show you. There are two theories as to how this is possible. One theory states that we are capable of directly perceiving another person’s energy field, their aura, and see them as they really are.

Another more scientific theory tells us that we subconsciously notice micro-expressions: millions of tiny, very fast expressions of emotion and intent. The conscious mind can’t keep up with all these signals, but the subconscious mind categorizes every single one of them and then communicates its findings to the conscious mind as a “gut feeling”, intuition, or even a vivid visual symbol such as an aura of colored light.

Whichever theory you subscribe to, the benefits of being able to clearly read people are obvious:

  • How much safer would you and your loved ones be if you could identify people who want to deceive or harm you before they even have the opportunity?
  • How much more confident would you feeling knowing who you true friends are?
  • How valuable would you find the ability to predict serious illness in yourself and others while early treatment could still be life-saving?
  • If your career involves dealing with people on a regular basis, how much more successful do you think you’d be if you knew everyone’s true intentions?

This subliminal album will help you develop your aura reading ability in two ways. Each time you listen, our powerful brainwave entrainment technology will gently place you into a deep state of meditative trance proven to improve overall mental function and fine-tune the physical senses. You will also receive a series of positive subliminal instructions training your subconscious mind to clearly report its readings of other people to your conscious mind in whatever form works best for you, based on your belief system.

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