End Shopping Addiction


Shopping addiction can lead to a downward spiral of spending to make yourself feel better, followed by financial stress, leading to more spending. If you find yourself shopping compulsively, buying things you don’t need just because you enjoy the rush or because it cheers you up when you’re feeling down, then it’s time to break the cycle!

Listening to this subliminal hypnosis album will allow you to release old emotional blocks and reprogram you subconscious habits and attitudes towards shopping.

Experience deep, blissful states of healing meditation as your subconscious beliefs are rewired with positive subliminal messages so you can:

  • Spend less, save more, and finally get your finances under control.
  • Experience less frequent and intense impulses to shop as you release your emotional attachment to the buying experience.
  • Develop a calm, relaxed, mentally focused attitude that will allow you to think clearly about your purchases instead of being overwhelmed by the old thrill of buying.
  • Learn to appreciate the things you already own, and the friends and loved ones you have in your life, instead of always seeking something new.

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