Improve Your Pool Skills


If you’re tired of training for hours on end with little or no improvement in your pool skills, this subliminal training aid will take you to the next level! Just listen once a day to subliminally train your mind for increased focus and concentration, giving you an overall boost in shot accuracy and balance from day one.

You will notice an immediate improvement in your ability to play to your maximum level and remain “in the zone” when it really counts. Stop cracking under pressure and stay laser-focused as you effortlessly line up your shots and deliver every stroke with perfect accuracy. Watch as you automatically begin to develop good habits of posture and breathing.

And training your body is just the start. Any pro will tell you that a winning mindset is the key to your ultimate success. If you want to dominate the table every time, you’ll need the confidence and attitude of a winner. This subliminal hypnosis session will also program your subconscious with winning affirmations, giving you the energy, confidence and sheer desire needed to play to your full potential every single game. Never struggle with nervousness, worry, or self-doubt again!

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