Learn Punjabi Faster




Learn Punjabi faster with Speedzen’s proven memory enhancing brainwave entrainment and subliminal messaging technology.

Simply listening to this album will induce a state of brainwave synchronization, allowing your brain to operate at peak performance. In this mentally super-charged state of mind you will experience improved recall and comprehension while you work on expanding your Punjabi vocabulary.

While you listen, your subconscious mind will also be more open to the embedded subliminal messages so that you can:

  • Automatically organize all the boring rote memorization into vivid visual imagery, so that you can start to actually think in Punjabi, instead of trying to memorize a list of words.
  • Reprogram your subconscious to store and retrieve Punjabi syntax and grammar in a more organized manner, allowing for better memory, recall, and faster fluency.
  • Make learning Punjabi fun and easy with a huge boost in confidence, motivation, and determination to succeed.

After only a few sessions you will notice a remarkable improvement in short-term memory, mental focus, and your ability to memorize new words. Better still, the results are cumulative. This peak learning state will last longer after each session until it becomes permanent!


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