Overcome Pornography Addiction


Is porn taking control of your life?

Does it feel like you can never just walk away, and always keep coming back for more?

Does it seem like what began as a harmless outlet for sexual tension has quickly exploded into full-blown addiction, including…

  • Guilt, shame or confusion over your increasing need for porn, or increasingly graphic porn?
  • Loss of impulse control in other areas of your life?
  • Loss of drive to seek real life sexual contact?
  • Inability to become aroused with real life partners?
  • Increased anxiety and even depression as feelings of social isolation increase?

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, then you probably wish you could just eradicate this addiction…

…To instantly erase the mental and emotional blocks that make it feel like it’s impossible to even imagine yourself simply walking away from porn forever.

If so, then here’s the good news…

Porn addiction has the same, scientifically explained effect on the brain as any other addiction. Which means it can be cured just like any other addiction.

You see, when you overstimulate the reward centers of your brain, you begin to need more and more stimulation to get the same “feel good” chemicals that you did in the beginning.

And, as your tolerance increases, you’ll find yourself seeking that quick fix more and more.

Basically, your natural drive for social interaction and meaningful intimacy gets redirected towards an unnatural outlet.

And your neurochemistry develops the habit of seeking the easy (but unfulfilling) reward path rather than the more difficult (but deeply fulfilling) reward path of social contact and real human intimacy.

Speedzen subliminal sessions use a proven combination of mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioral principles to help you reverse this process, and get your neurochemistry back on track.

And while no subliminal can force you to change anything you do not want to change, assuming you are ready to let go of your addiction, this session will help you in several ways…

From day one you will begin to notice an increased awareness of your bodily sensations. You will become consciously aware of the triggers that drive you to seek out the false comfort of pornography.

Whether it is a sudden feeling of loneliness, rejection, or simply unworthiness that triggers you… you will notice it when it happens, and see it for what it is: a temporary feeling that will pass on its own.

And your unconscious desire to act on that temporary feeling will lose its power over you just as fast as your new awareness takes hold and you begin to consciously direct your own behavior.

You will also become more aware of the subconscious beliefs and inner dialogue that reinforce and justify your addiction. The old beliefs that tell you “I just can’t stop” will be replaced by more constructive beliefs like “The more I look for rewarding social interactions, the more I find them.”

Fighting an addiction is always a losing battle. The winning strategy comes down to increased awareness of your options, and shifting your focus entirely onto what you want, and away from what you don’t want.

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