Overcome Stage Fright


If you suffer from stage fright you are not alone. Performers from all walks of life, from the nervous student giving an oral presentation, to the professional baseball player with the world’s eyes on his bat, have struggled with that paralyzing panic and self-doubt.

And if you feel your success is being limited, then this subliminal session can help.

Simply listening a few times a week before bed will program your subconscious mind with positive subliminal suggestions allowing you to effortlessly:

  • Develop a deeper, more relaxed breathing pattern so that you can remain grounded and free from panic.
  • Improve your posture for increased confidence and mental clarity. When your body language is confident you’ll automatically feel more confident and your mind will remain laser-focused, even under pressure.
  • Release old emotional pains and negative thought patterns, and replace them with a more positive and supportive self-image.
  • Transform your fear into motivation as your confidence grows and you begin to enjoy the thrill of taking the stage and commanding the attention of your audience.

It’s time to get off the merry-go-round of negative thinking, avoidance and self-sabotage. Conquer your fears and shine like a star!

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