Chakra Balancing 2.0 Subliminal MP3s


Easily activate and balance each chakra from the root to the crown as you listen to the powerfully effective binaural beats brainwave meditation music and subliminal suggestions.

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What Are Chakras and Why Do They Matter?

Picture 7 spinning wheels of energy along your spine from your feet right up to the top of your head.

These are your 7 centers of spiritual power in your body.

Controlling and energizing vital organs in your body and in turn affecting your physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Root Chakra

At the base of the spine sits your root chakra. It’s your source of contentment, happiness and joy.

For instance, if you’re deeply in love with your career, can’t wait to start work each day, and you’re getting compensated generously then your root chakra is strong.

If the opposite is true? If you’re struggling for money all the time and stuck in a job you can’t stand? No doubt about it, your root chakra needs attention.

Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomen, just below your belly button. When it’s open and in balance you’ll feel energized, like you can achieve anything you want.

And it has a direct effect on relationships too… You are always able to attract the right partners and friends.

People who nourish and support you, making you a better person. And if your love life is full of passionate intimacy and steamy lovemaking then your sacral is firing on all cylinders.

However, if your partner feels cold or incompatible to you, if the bedroom is for sleep purposes only, your sacral chakra may need tending to, re-energising and healing.

After all, you deserve a love life that is passionate, fulfilling and deeply satisfying, don’t you?

Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra is responsible for your energy levels, vitality and even digestion.

It actually radiates energy to your other chakras, keeping you in the prime of your health.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra meanwhile influences your relationships.

Deeper than that, it helps you experience true love, compassion and empathy.

And as you open your heart chakra you’ll quickly find yourself right at the center of a fun, exciting, satisfying social circle bursting with new friendships, relationships and opportunities.

You’ll also begin to feel a deeper connection and even oneness with others.

Throat Chakra

Next up, the throat chakra. Known for influencing your self-expression, a fully open and energized throat chakra means people hang on your every word… and you’re certainly not afraid to voice your opinions.

Of course, if you feel like nobody wants to hear from you or you’re fearful of public speaking or even talking among a group of friends, then your throat chakra is probably clogged, closed off and in need of attention.

Third Eye Chakra

At the center of your forehead is your third eye chakra.

This energy center guides your intuition, keeping you well-balanced, on course and knowing exactly where you’re going.

It also gives you a sense of perspective, you can easily see the bigger picture so many others miss.

Can’t stand making decisions? Then you need to bring focus to your third eye. Plus, if you suffer from constant headaches, it’s a physical manifestation your third eye needs some attention.

Crown Chakra

Finally, the crown chakra directly on top of your head determines your connection to The Source.

If you always feel strongly connected to a higher power – Whether you believe in God, universal consciousness or The Force from Star Wars – it doesn’t matter…

That grounded, connected, aligned feeling is the source flowing through you.

Likewise, if you feel alone in the universe. Like there’s little point to you existing, your crown chakra is potentially damaged. Fortunately, there IS a way to heal it fast. The spiritual awareness healing this chakra provides is truly amazing. I believe it’s something everyone should experience in their lives.

Easily Activate and Balance Your Chakras for Better Health and Increased Spiritual Awareness

Just sit back, listen, and allow yourself to relax as you are taken on a blissful meditative voyage of spiritual rejuvenation.

Powerful trance-inducing brainwave entrainment music quickly eases you into deep levels of meditation usually only achieved through years of practice and discipline.

Revitalize your mind and body as positive subliminal messages guide your subconscious mind through the process of opening, healing and balancing all seven chakras in sequence.

  1. Experience improved health, vitality and a sense of security as you clear the flow of raw physical energy through your root chakra.
  2. Release negative beliefs and old traumas to clear the flow of emotional energy through your sacral chakra and into your solar plexus.
  3. Eradicate your inner critic and boost your self-esteem as you open and heal your solar plexus chakra.
  4. Feel a deeper empathy and connection with loved ones as the energy builds and continues into your heart chakra.
  5. Strengthen your self-expression and communication skills as you clear your throat chakra.
  6. Achieve increasingly higher levels of spiritual awareness, profound insight, and enhanced creativity as your third eye and crown chakras become more active with time and practice.

How It Works

Your brain operates at various different frequencies depending on your current state of consciousness. For example, your brain is operating at a much higher frequency when you are in a deep sleep than when you are wide awake and mentally active.

Deep meditation occurs in the frequency range right above sleep, but slightly below waking consciousness. This is the state of consciousness in which the barriers between the conscious and subconscious mind melt away, giving you conscious awareness and control of your unlimited potential. It is the state so many meditation practitioners spend their entire lives trying to achieve, while usually only catching glimpses.

Now there’s an easier way! Scientists have discovered that any brainwave frequencies can be activated, instantly and effortlessly, simply by listening to special frequencies of sound — a process called “brainwave entrainment.” You can actually activate the desired brainwave frequencies simply by listening…and the state associated with that frequency will follow.

Subliminal Suggestions

Subliminal messaging and hypnosis aren’t just about quitting smoking or losing weight. It’s so much more powerful than that!

Your subconscious mind has access to infinite intelligence and unimaginably vast reserves of raw, primal vitality. If you can consciously tap into even a tiny fraction of that power, you can literally achieve anything you desire!

And the way to tap into that power is to give your subconscious mind a new set of beliefs.

Empowering beliefs create empowering habits which produce powerful results in your health, wealth, and relationships!

Just put on your headphones, press play, and relax. As you listen, the frequency of each chakra is played in sequence to activate and balance each one from the base to the crown…

…While positive subliminal suggestions replace any negative beliefs and emotional blockages that may have been holding you back.

Order now and you can experience the benefits of years of intense meditation practice in one easy session!

What’s New In Speedzen 2.0?

Each new Speedzen 2.0 subliminal audio program includes a variety of 1-hour MP3 tracks to choose from:

  • Meditation Music
  • Ocean Waves
  • Mountain Stream
  • Gentle Thunderstorm

So you can pick your favorite, or switch them up depending on your mood!

More importantly, each Speedzen 2.0 subliminal MP3 includes two different scripts…

One script designed specifically to speak to your logical, left brain hemisphere. And one script for your creative, right brain hemisphere.

By playing these two scripts simultaneously – one in each ear – your conscious and unconscious mind are each re-programmed with new and empowering beliefs faster than ever before.

This new, Dual-Hemisphere Subliminal Scripting method also works without the need for long meditation sessions or total concentration.

You can still use them to meditate. And you *should* still meditate at least once a week, just to get the mental and emotional benefits of meditation, but…

This new scripting method works so fast that you can start feeling results in as little as 10-20 minutes a day!

And, you can listen while you work, go for a walk, or anything else throughout your day… and still get fast results.

Listening Instructions

However, it’s important that you use headphones or earbuds. They are required for these new audios to work effectively.

You must also make sure that you are wearing them properly – so that the left script is playing in your left ear, and the right script is playing in your right ear.

If your headphones/earbuds are clearly labeled Left & Right, then you’re good to go!

But, if they’re not labeled, just listen for the Left Ear Indicator tone at the beginning of each MP3.

When you first play any of these MP3s, you’ll hear a tone playing in one of your ears. That tone needs to be in your left ear. So, if it’s in the right instead, just swap them around before continuing.

2 reviews for Chakra Balancing 2.0 Subliminal MP3s

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    This meditation grew on me very quickly and I found myself listening to it once or twice everyday for 8 weeks. I enjoy listening to it before bed and in the mornings. I don’t know much about chakras yet, but I do feel less tired and more focused at work now. This meditation is composed beautifully and has a rather strange sound that draws my mind into it, but at the same time it’s so relaxing, I can use it to fall asleep. It’s awesome! I highly recommend it!

  2. joshsein (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many of your subliminals now and they all are great! This one is amazing! I’ve been meditating for over 15 years now and am very in tune with my body…I can feel the subliminal working as I meditate listening to it. Beautiful! Thank you!

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