True Self-Acceptance 2.0 Subliminal MP3s


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Do you feel disconnected from your true self? Does it feel like the real you is being held hostage by an internal critic who harshly judges everything you ever try to do?

If so, you may also find that it’s been difficult for you to accomplish anything you really want in life without constantly battling that self-doubt and fear of criticism from others.

But it’s not your fault. And it’s time to free yourself from that internal slavery and reconnect with the real you, so that you can finally heal and move on with your life.

This subliminal session will allow you to shift your focus away from your perceived flaws and towards your true inner strengths. And you will finally silence that internal critic as you begin to notice and celebrate your true strengths and talents more and more each day.

And as you continue to discover more about yourself to be grateful for, you will continue to grow and feel more and more comfortable in your own skin.

You will finally stop worrying about being perfect and pleasing others as you continue to nurture your sense of self-belief and self-worth. And the more you begin to reconnect with your true self – your deepest dreams and desires, your strength and creativity – the less you will fear criticism from others.

Now you can discover the sense of safety and comfort that comes from connecting with the “real you”, and the wisdom that has always been inside of you, so that you can finally stand tall and simply be yourself: honestly and fearlessly.

What’s New in Speedzen 2.0?

Each new Speedzen 2.0 subliminal audio program includes a variety of 1-hour MP3 tracks to choose from:

  • Meditation Music
  • Ocean Waves
  • Mountain Stream
  • Gentle Thunderstorm

So you can pick your favorite, or switch them up depending on your mood!

More importantly, each Speedzen 2.0 subliminal MP3 includes two different scripts…

One script designed specifically to speak to your logical, left brain hemisphere. And one script for your creative, right brain hemisphere.

By playing these two scripts simultaneously – one in each ear – your conscious and unconscious mind are each re-programmed with new and empowering beliefs faster than ever before.

This new, Dual-Hemisphere Subliminal Scripting method also works without the need for long meditation sessions or total concentration.

You can still use them to meditate. And you *should* still meditate at least once a week, just to get the mental and emotional benefits of meditation, but…

This new scripting method works so fast that you can start feeling results in as little as 10-20 minutes a day!

And, you can listen while you work, go for a walk, or anything else throughout your day… and still get fast results.

Listening Instructions

However, it’s important that you use headphones or earbuds. They are required for these new audios to work effectively.

You must also make sure that you are wearing them properly – so that the left script is playing in your left ear, and the right script is playing in your right ear.

If your headphones/earbuds are clearly labeled Left & Right, then you’re good to go!

But, if they’re not labeled, just listen for the Left Ear Indicator tone at the beginning of each MP3.

When you first play any of these MP3s, you’ll hear a tone playing in one of your ears. That tone needs to be in your left ear. So, if it’s in the right instead, just swap them around before continuing.

1 review for True Self-Acceptance 2.0 Subliminal MP3s

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    I love the peaceful sounds incorporated into this meditation, it’s truly sublime! I’d like to describe it more but I think it’s something you should just hear for yourself. I was very upset and couldn’t sleep when I first listened to it, but it totally calmed me down. It’s so powerful, I’m very impressed! Just like the other SpeedZens I’ve tried, I find myself actually wanting to listen to it…it’s that good!

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