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How Motivation Kills Success

If you want to make huge changes in your life…

Then you’ll want to avoid the trap of trying to make dozens of changes at once.

I realize the temptation is huge.

You discover subliminals that really work to make changes in your life.

You get super excited and want to change everything about yourself…

Everything that is holding you back…

And you want to change it all, now.

One of the most overlooked mistakes in personal development is over-motivation.

Basically, it’s wanting something so badly, wanting to make changes in yourself and your life so quickly, that you get in your own way and trip over your own feet.

When it comes to money, over-motivation can be an enormous hurdle.

Same goes for physical fitness.

This is why you make one change in your life at a time, instead of 20.

Once you decide to make a specific change, you track it.

And do so in a way that every day becomes a small victory.

Every day you improve a bit more.

Every day you feel successful, like you’re actually making real progress.

You can’t just learn something new and expect mastery over night.

Learning about it is only the first step.

Next, you have to *practice* what you’ve learned.

Study and practice.

Study and practice.

Mastery comes from *doing* the thing you’re learning to do.

Want to be more confident at social events? You need to attend more social events.

Simply listening to a subliminal session and repeating positive affirmations won’t cut it. They’re great for the initial mindset shift and confidence boost, but you need to solidify that new confidence with *experience.*

Want to master a new language? You need to speak that language, more and more each day. Just reading about it won’t get you there.

Want to start a successful business? Studying how to start a business won’t make it happen until you get out there and *do* what you’ve learned… And probably fail, but learn from your mistakes… then practice and try again until you master it.

In short…

Change takes work, and change takes time.

If you spread yourself thin across several changes at once, you won’t have enough time and energy to make serious progress with any one of those changes.

So focus on one thing.

Track your progress daily.

And turn every day into a successful step forward on your journey!

Not sure where to focus your efforts?

Then perhaps getting clear on where you want to go in your life is the place to start.

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How To Weaponize Your Insecurities

Here’s a fun little trick you can use in those situations where your insecurities get the better of you.

You know the ones…

  • You want to ask for something, but you’re afraid you won’t get it.
  • You really want to speak your mind, but you’re afraid of rocking the boat, even though it’s killing you inside to remain silent.
  • You want to try something new and exciting, but you’re afraid you’ll make a fool of yourself.

Basically any situation where you could’ve made a major, positive change in your life… but you gave into fear instead.

Here’s what I do in those situations:

I picture myself at a fork in the road.

On the left is the future where I gave into my fear and did nothing.

So I hop in my little mental time machine and fast forward 5 years into that timeline.

From there, I look around at what my life has become (or NOT become) as a result of my past cowardice. I think back to the old me, standing at that fork in the road, and allow myself to feel whatever feelings come up: disappointment, anger, disgust, contempt…

Whatever feelings arise, I just let myself really feel them, enough so I can remember them when I return.

Then I hop back into the present.

And I repeat the process for the right hand path… the path where I did whatever I needed to do to get where I wanted to go.

I look around at what my life has become and I think back to the old me who made it all happen, with gratitude and respect, before returning to the fork in the road… in the present.


Here’s the exciting part:

Now, instead of two vague options to choose from, I have two very real possible futures in my mind’s eye.

Do I go left… towards the future Jason who hates me and the world I’ve created for him?

Or do I go right… towards the future Jason who loves and respects me?

The choice is obvious when you frame your decisions this way.

And it’s impossible to ignore when you really flesh them out in your imagination like this, because…

What usually happens is, our insecurities keep telling us – here in the present – “Oh, no! What will other people think! You can’t do that!”

But now, thanks to this visualization exercise, you don’t really care what other people think because now…

You’re being judged by your future self.

Your insecurities are no longer a weapon that others can use against you in the present. Instead, they’re a weapon your future self can use to motivate you towards the better of two futures.

If one of those future selves absolutely hates you for being a coward, and the other loves you for being brave, that’s going to pack a helluva lot more emotional punch than whatever other people may or may not think of you in the present.

It’s incredibly effective.

Fun, too.

And just a small example of what you can do when you get great at visualizing.

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Super Successful Underachievers

I read a study yesterday that highlights the one real difference between underachievers and overachievers.

It also answers one of the most baffling questions in the business world, which is:

Why do the ‘A’ and ‘B’ students usually end up working for the ‘C’ students?

The overachievers in school are obviously the best and brightest. They’re smart and ambitious, and it only makes sense that they’ll be the ones to dominate in their career field and quickly rise to the top.

Or does it?

It turns out the dividing line between underachievers and overachievers isn’t what most people would guess.

It isn’t intelligence.

It isn’t ambition.

It isn’t anything physical or mental.

It’s completely emotional.

Specifically, it’s a difference in what motivates them.

Overachievers are motivated by serious, practical goals.

And underachievers are motivated by…

Fun and games.

That’s it.

That’s the difference.

In this study, there were several tests devised to measure all sorts of cognitive abilities: math skills, problem solving skills, reading comprehension, etc.

When a mixed group of self-described overachievers and underachievers were given these tests, of course, the overachievers outperformed the underachievers by a long shot.

These were serious tests, after all. And overachievers are always motivated to perform well on serious tests. And, since the goal of school is to perform well on tests and get the best grades possible, they always do very well in school.


When another mixed group was given the exact same tests, and told that the tests were actually games, and they were just meant to be fun…

The underachievers dominated.

Their motivation was aroused by the idea that they were playing a game. It’s fun to learn new games and win at them, and so they did.

But the overachievers? Obviously, games are for children and not to be taken seriously, so they didn’t.

So how does this translate to the business world?

Well, the overachievers are motivated by getting good grades, so they find jobs that provide them with clear performance metrics. Most of them end up being managers, since their performance can be broken down into a series of tests that they must pass.

And the underachievers? The successful ones see business as a game – a competitive sport that they want to play for fun and hopefully win. So they become business owners and entrepreneurs, competing with other business owners for fun and profit, while leaving all the boring parts of running the business to the ‘A’ students.

This doesn’t just apply to business though.

You can start motivating yourself towards any goal you want, right now, if you just understand which type of motivation drives you the most.

1. Are you motivated to get good grades? Then treat your goals like tests. Make them very specific, break them down into measurable performance metrics, and then work to ace your tests.


2. Was school too boring for you? Then make your goals fun. Treat them as games that you can break down into daily ‘quests’ and then just have fun completing each quest.

And, whether you’re motivated by good grades or by fun, throw on some extra determination and you’ll become unstoppable at achieving any goal you set.

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What’s the point? (A message to millennials)

I’m getting a lot of replies to yesterday’s newsletter from people who feel… lost.

Mostly millennials.

And the main question they have is “what’s the point?”

They’re slogging through their daily routines… working a job… getting an education…

…doing everything they’ve been told to do.

But they feel disconnected and directionless.

So I’m taking a break from the current series to answer that question for them.

What’s the point?

The point is this:

Your generation has more opportunity than any generation before it.

More technology.

More resources.

More wealth.

More access to information and knowledge.

But you’ve been indoctrinated with a poisonous ideology to prevent you from using any of it effectively.

You see, yesterday I talked about “teams” competing for control of the reality that will eventually spring forth from this period of rapidly accelerating change.

And it seems that one of those teams wants your generation to self-destruct, spiritually speaking.

They want you to be nihilists.

They want you to be victims.

They want you to be morally outraged over perceived injustice and lack of equality.

But, most of all, they want you to be unremarkable, unthinking, interchangeable cogs in their social machine.

Your generation was given participation awards for everything.

This robbed you of the motivation to strive for greatness in your natural talents.

When everybody gets an award for everything, whether they’re good at it or not, it strips all meaning from achievement.

It destroys all motivation for individual pursuit of greatness.

It dehumanizes you by making you believe that you have nothing unique or special to offer the world… because everybody is exactly the same.

What’s the point?

You’re the point.

You are unique.

You can do things for this world that nobody else can do.

You are naturally better at something than everybody else… and other people are naturally better at other things than you.

And this is a good thing.

Because the way towards a more united world is to encourage people to embrace and develop their unique gifts…

…NOT to drag everybody down to the lowest common denominator in the name of some soulless, materialistic ideal of “equality.”

You are more important than you realize…

You have more creative power than you realize…

You have more opportunity and resources to work with that power than you realize…

And there are people who are terrified that you will realize it.

So they’ve put a lot of effort into making sure you don’t realize it.

And I can make an effort to point all this out to you, but ultimately… nobody can tell you why you’re here or what you can offer the world.

Your unique purpose in life can only come from within you.

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The Weirdest Reason We Procrastinate

There’s lots of reasons to procrastinate.

Usually, the pain of doing the task seems to outweigh the benefits.

So you just don’t feel like doing it, because our natural motivation is to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

But there’s another reason that people procrastinate.

And it’s really quite ridiculous when you think about it.

People often procrastinate simply because the task will take a lot of time…

…So they wait until they have more time to do it…

…And time keeps chugging along whether they’ve started on the task or not.

For example, I have an entire unused acre of land on my property.

It needed a fence before I could let my dogs play on it or my chickens graze on it.

I wanted to put the fence up right away when I first moved here, but I knew it was going to take a while, so I kept waiting until I had a full week of free time to do it.

And, of course, that week of free time never appeared.

Finally, two years later, it became clear that I would have to make the time, and by working on weekends and evenings, it took about twice as long as I had hoped.

So a one week project took me two weeks.

Or did it?

It actually took 2 years and 2 weeks because I spent two years procrastinating.

Luckily the fence wasn’t very important.

The real problem is when people do this type of procrastination towards their health, their education, or their careers. Big things that could really improve their lives in major ways.

Waiting around for the right time, just because it’s going to take a while to get it done, only makes it take that much longer.

Time keeps moving forward whether you’ve started or not.

So if you’re waiting for the right time to start your mission in life, now is that time!

And if you need help with motivating yourself to overcome procrastination in all its forms, check out our Stop Procrastinating Now subliminal session.

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How To Stay Excited About Your Goals

The biggest problem with using excitement for motivation is that it wears off fast.

New goals bring a flood of excitement. And new plans provide a surge of emotional energy to get you moving.

But once that initial excitement wears off, you’re left adrift with nothing to move you forward but your own initiative. Without any of that initial excitement to push you forward, you must push yourself with sheer force of will.

Or so we’re told.

I’ve found, over many years of working to help other people get motivated and stay motivated, that it’s more like keeping a fire going.

The initial excitement sparks that first flame, but it’s up to you to keep adding fuel and fanning the flames.

You add fuel by working towards your goal every day. Simply stay on top of your long term plans by putting some effort each night into looking at where you started, where you are now, and where you need to go. Then create your to-do list for the next day.

You can then fan the flames and keep your excitement white hot by always making sure to include at least one task that gets you excited to wake up and get to work the next day.

Even long after the initial excitement wears off, you can always find at least one thing to be excited about each morning. Your to-do list will probably contain things that you must do, but aren’t very excited about. But if you want to stay motivated, it also always needs to contain at least one task that gets you fired back up with excitement. Something that gets your creative juices flowing and makes you *want* to hop out of bed and hit the ground running.

This exercise will become a habit and, like all habits, it will take on a momentum of its own.

You’ll condition yourself to wake up feeling excited about each day until you reach the point where it just comes naturally to be motivated.

And if you need an extra boost of motivation to get yourself going on a long-term goal, my Unstoppable Determination session will get you moving fast!

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It’s Impossible to Achieve Anything Without This…

Goals that seem outlandish and impossible today can be easily within your reach, sooner than you think, if you set your mind towards achieving them, and then simply get to work.

Magic happens when we picture something we want in our mind’s eye, and start taking action to get it.

Opportunities we never would have noticed before begin to line themselves up on our path.

Our imagination and intuition begin providing solutions to problems we never could have guessed we were capable of solving.

Other people are inspired to join in and help out.

Your entire outer world will change and rearrange itself to align with your goals when your inner world is perfectly aligned with something your truly desire to achieve.

This simple truth is the entire basis for all of the Speedzen subliminal sessions. They get you to picture what you want, let go of any emotional and mental blocks that might be stopping you, and then move forward towards your goals with intense focus and unstoppable motivation.

But, without that desire…

Nothing is possible.

Yeah, it seems obvious that wanting something is the first step towards getting it.

And yet, I get so many questions these days that mostly boil down to…

“How can I find out what I want?”

It seems that all the conveniences of the modern world have left a lot of people feeling numb.

Food and entertainment are so easily available and affordable that more and more people are getting lost in the shallow comforts of life and losing the desire to venture into the deeper waters of life where great achievements and new discoveries are made.

Their joy, excitement, and curiosity for life are silenced by an endless stream of simple pleasures.

More and more daily responsibilities are becoming so automated that our participation in life is becoming almost completely optional.

And it’s leaving a lot of people feeling empty and directionless.

So my answer to that question “How can I find out what I want?” is this:

If you feel like you don’t know what you want, then what you want is a sense of purpose.

Something that gives your life meaning. Something that makes you feel like your participation in the world makes a difference. Something that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

That’s what you want.

So make that your goal.

Make it your goal to dig deep, get inspired, and discover that one thing that you can dedicate the rest of your life to accomplishing.

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Smash Your TV

Developing positive beliefs easy.

The hard part is letting go of the bad beliefs.

Because we always to cling to the familiar beliefs and attitudes, even when they’re holding us back.

And we all get hypnotized at some point in our lives to believe things about ourselves that just aren’t true.

Limiting self-beliefs that stop us from achieving our full potential.

Sometimes those beliefs can be traced back to traumatic experiences.


These days, more often than not, I’m finding that people get the majority of their negative beliefs about themselves from…

Watching television.

Here’s why:

People watch TV in a completely passive mental state…

Usually at the end of the day, when you’re mentally tired, and your guard is down.

In this state your subconscious mind is blown wide open to all the ideas being presented to it.

You’re bombarded with unrealistic, fictional people who you’ll end up comparing yourself to.

And you’ll unconsciously create unrealistic standards for yourself as a result.

You’re presented with outlandish social situations that have no bearing on real life.

And you’ll unconsciously compare your own social interactions to those fake ones.

You’re overwhelmed with this unrealistic and unhealthy set of ideas about how life should be…

And your subconscious mind soaks it all up like a sponge.

Without any context, without any warnings that none of it is to be taken seriously…

…All while your conscious mind is taking a break and just wanting to be entertained.

The end result?

All the same emotional trauma you’d get from an actual traumatic experience… injected directly into your subconscious by fake people in fake situations on your TV screen.

So, while I don’t actually recommend you smash your TV (you could probably get some cash for it)…

It’s probably a good idea to start paying attention to what you’re feeding your subconscious mind with all your favorite shows and movies and “news” broadcasts.

A little conscious filtering goes a long way in preventing you from accidentally injecting yourself with all sorts of negative beliefs.

And, if you need help getting rid of some negative beliefs that have already slipped in, this is the best subliminal I have for doing that.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

A toddler learning to walk will fail constantly.

He’ll fall on his face.

He’ll run into walls and furniture.

He’ll hurt himself in the process.

But he keeps on trying until he finally learns.

So the example of a toddler learning to walk always comes up in discussions about staying motivated to learn new things in adulthood.

“You should be like the toddler! The toddler doesn’t give up! The toddler keeps trying and fails his way to success!” people love to say.

Problem is, there are two key things missing from the toddler example in the lives of most adults:

  1. Everybody around the toddler is already walking.
  2. Everybody is cheering him on and encouraging him to keep trying.

Basically, he’s surrounded by cheerleaders who keep him motivated to achieve something that they’ve all achieved themselves.

And it’s rarely like that in adulthood.

Unless you have the most supportive family, friends and coworkers imaginable, at some point in your life you’re going to want to learn to do something that everybody else isn’t doing, and that they aren’t going to encourage you to do either.

You’re going to want to venture into the unknown and accomplish something new, all on your own.

And you’ll have far fewer cheerleaders.

You might even have pessimistic people who are so terrified of change that they’ll do whatever they can to prevent the people around them from improving themselves and learning new things.

So the advice to be like a toddler learning to walk isn’t wrong…

It’s just incomplete.

You’re also going to need the other two things the toddler has.

You’ll need to find people that already have what you want, so you can stay inspired by their success to get there yourself.

And you’ll need to learn to be your own cheerleader. You’ll need to develop the emotional habit of congratulating yourself on your small successes, and encouraging yourself to get up and try again every time you fall down.

If you need help developing that habit, my Unstoppable Determination session can get you there fast.

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How to Truly Love Your Job

Do you put in long hours every day, struggling to succeed in your career or business?

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed by a lack of results equal to your efforts?

Do you wish you could truly love your job so that you could focus more on producing quality than quantity?

It’s no secret that people who enjoy what they do for a living do it better, do it with gusto, and just plain do it more than people who are only trying to “get by.”

Successful people find their niche in the world and produce consistent results with an invigorating passion that drives them through 12 to 18 hour work days without exhaustion or feelings of overwhelm.

If anything, the very act of working on what they enjoy gives them even more energy to keep doing it!

While others burn out and crack under pressure…

…forcing themselves through their days with little to show for their efforts…

…Successful people take home not just the financial fruits of their labor, but a deep satisfaction in the results of their work itself.

Work becomes an ongoing journey of self-actualization instead of a means to an end.

Money becomes the icing on the cake instead of the primary goal.

Unfortunately, work is becoming more of a prison for the Average Joe than a form of self-expression.

Work is something he forces himself to do in order to keep up with the mortgage payments and put food on the table.

He pumps himself up every morning with stimulants like caffeine and nicotine to force his mind and body to perform mundane tasks that don’t engage his imagination or true talents.

After the daily grind, all he wants to do is relax and unwind with beer and comfort foods.

He ends his day by numbing that nagging feeling that he isn’t achieving his true potential. He finds solace by distracting himself with the fantasy realities portrayed in his favorite television shows, or escaping into video games or other forms of mind-rotting entertainment.

I’m sure you can guess the ultimate end to this sad story. Heart disease, cancer, or any number of diseases brought on by the combination of stress and a poor diet…

An early end to a life never fully lived.

Luckily, nobody’s story has to end that way. There is a way out, and it’s as simple as making a decision.

Decide that you will begin to live your life, more and more each day, doing what you enjoy.

Use that decision as your compass for every other decision you make from this moment on, and a world of opportunities you may never have even imagined will open itself up to you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re stuck in a dead-end job, or if you’re already doing what you enjoy but can’t seem to make ends meet by doing it.

All that matters is that you decide.

And then put every ounce of energy inside of you behind that decision.

Yes, I am describing the Law of Attraction. And it really works, but it isn’t the magical hocus-pocus nonsense you might have been led to believe.

How it really happens is like this:

  • You choose exactly what you want in your life.
  • Write it down and get as clear as with yourself as you can about it.
  • Engage all of your senses as you write.
  • Describe sights and sounds and smells.
  • Make it so crystal clear in your mind that you feel as if you’re already there.

The purpose of visualization exercises like this is to communicate the goal you desire to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious controls your automatic beliefs, habits and actions.

So whatever goal you set for it this way, it will seek out during every waking and sleeping moment of your life.

It will focus in on opportunities you would have never noticed before…

… And it will lead you effortlessly to exactly where you want to be.

But you need to be clear with yourself about your desired destination.

Clear your mind, give it some thought, and then decide.

And if you ever feel you need a jump-start to rally your subconscious mind behind your conscious desires, you can check out our library of subliminal CDs and discover just how quickly you can change your career, and your life, with the right tools.