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How Motivation Kills Success

If you want to make huge changes in your life… Then you’ll want to avoid the trap of trying to make dozens of changes at once. I realize the temptation is huge. You discover subliminals that really work to make changes in your life. You get super excited and want to change everything about yourself… […]

How To Weaponize Your Insecurities

Here’s a fun little trick you can use in those situations where your insecurities get the better of you. You know the ones… You want to ask for something, but you’re afraid you won’t get it. You really want to speak your mind, but you’re afraid of rocking the boat, even though it’s killing you […]

Super Successful Underachievers

I read a study yesterday that highlights the one real difference between underachievers and overachievers. It also answers one of the most baffling questions in the business world, which is: Why do the ‘A’ and ‘B’ students usually end up working for the ‘C’ students? The overachievers in school are obviously the best and brightest. […]

What’s the point? (A message to millennials)

I’m getting a lot of replies to yesterday’s newsletter from people who feel… lost. Mostly millennials. And the main question they have is “what’s the point?” They’re slogging through their daily routines… working a job… getting an education… …doing everything they’ve been told to do. But they feel disconnected and directionless. So I’m taking a […]

The Weirdest Reason We Procrastinate

There’s lots of reasons to procrastinate. Usually, the pain of doing the task seems to outweigh the benefits. So you just don’t feel like doing it, because our natural motivation is to move towards pleasure and away from pain. But there’s another reason that people procrastinate. And it’s really quite ridiculous when you think about […]

How To Stay Excited About Your Goals

The biggest problem with using excitement for motivation is that it wears off fast. New goals bring a flood of excitement. And new plans provide a surge of emotional energy to get you moving. But once that initial excitement wears off, you’re left adrift with nothing to move you forward but your own initiative. Without […]

It’s Impossible to Achieve Anything Without This…

Goals that seem outlandish and impossible today can be easily within your reach, sooner than you think, if you set your mind towards achieving them, and then simply get to work. Magic happens when we picture something we want in our mind’s eye, and start taking action to get it. Opportunities we never would have […]

Smash Your TV

Developing positive beliefs easy. The hard part is letting go of the bad beliefs. Because we always to cling to the familiar beliefs and attitudes, even when they’re holding us back. And we all get hypnotized at some point in our lives to believe things about ourselves that just aren’t true. Limiting self-beliefs that stop […]

Be Your Own Cheerleader

A toddler learning to walk will fail constantly. He’ll fall on his face. He’ll run into walls and furniture. He’ll hurt himself in the process. But he keeps on trying until he finally learns. So the example of a toddler learning to walk always comes up in discussions about staying motivated to learn new things […]

How to Truly Love Your Job

Do you put in long hours every day, struggling to succeed in your career or business? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed by a lack of results equal to your efforts? Do you wish you could truly love your job so that you could focus more on producing quality than quantity? It’s no secret that […]