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The Weirdest Reason We Procrastinate

There’s lots of reasons to procrastinate.

Usually, the pain of doing the task seems to outweigh the benefits.

So you just don’t feel like doing it, because our natural motivation is to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

But there’s another reason that people procrastinate.

And it’s really quite ridiculous when you think about it.

People often procrastinate simply because the task will take a lot of time…

…So they wait until they have more time to do it…

…And time keeps chugging along whether they’ve started on the task or not.

For example, I have an entire unused acre of land on my property.

It needed a fence before I could let my dogs play on it or my chickens graze on it.

I wanted to put the fence up right away when I first moved here, but I knew it was going to take a while, so I kept waiting until I had a full week of free time to do it.

And, of course, that week of free time never appeared.

Finally, two years later, it became clear that I would have to make the time, and by working on weekends and evenings, it took about twice as long as I had hoped.

So a one week project took me two weeks.

Or did it?

It actually took 2 years and 2 weeks because I spent two years procrastinating.

Luckily the fence wasn’t very important.

The real problem is when people do this type of procrastination towards their health, their education, or their careers. Big things that could really improve their lives in major ways.

Waiting around for the right time, just because it’s going to take a while to get it done, only makes it take that much longer.

Time keeps moving forward whether you’ve started or not.

So if you’re waiting for the right time to start your mission in life, now is that time!

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