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How To Stop Spreading Yourself So Thin That You Never Finish Anything

A person without a goal… a mission… a single purpose in life, is like a ship without a sail.

The waves push you this way and that.

But you never really move closer towards any one destination.

People who don’t have a clear mission and purpose in life always have trouble deciding what to do next.

Because – without that guiding mission – every task seems equally important, or unimportant.

There’s really no way to tell.

There’s no guiding principle for choosing one course of action over another, because there’s no clear way to measure the effectiveness of one over the other.

So, instead of picking a path and sticking to it, they move continuously back and forth, never really mastering any one skill, or working to achieve any one goal.

“Do I stick with this career, or study and train for a better one?”

“Do I stick with this diet, or pick a better one from the hundreds of others available?”

“Do I continue with this exercise plan, or will I get better results with a better one?”

“Do I listen to one subliminal session until I get the results I want, or do I listen to 3 at a time and get frustrated when nothing happens?”

This lack of decisiveness isn’t any sort of mental or emotional block.

It’s not a fear of commitment.

It’s simply a lack of certainty.

Until you’re certain about the end result you’re looking to achieve, anything and everything will look better than what you already have.

If you find yourself having trouble sticking to one course of study, or one career, or one single path towards any goal in your life…

You simply haven’t developed a clear vision of what you really want and where you’re really headed.

Because, once you know that… once you see it and *feel* it… all of your choices become obvious.

You know when you choose a course of action that it is the right one for you, because you know where you want to go and nothing else will distract you from that.

It’s easy to judge what’s best for you, because you can see where you are, where you’re headed, and what will get you there.

More importantly, you’ll easily identify what *won’t* get you there, and you can stop wasting time second guessing your decisions and jumping back and forth between different ways of reaching your goal.

Building a clear vision is like putting sails and a rudder on your ship.

Now, when the wind blows and the waves push you around, you can simply steer yourself straight through and towards your goal.

You won’t get swept away and pushed and pulled towards places you don’t want to go.

You’ll simply pick a path, decide the best way to travel that path, and do it.

But it all depends on building that vision, and developing the certainty that your one major goal, or purpose, is more important to you than all the others.

Then that mission and purpose can guide every decision you make moving forward:

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Follow Your Bliss Does NOT Mean Be A Junkie

There’s a wonderful place that we’re always trying to reach.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re always working to find our way back to this place so we can spend as much time there as possible.

It’s a place where our sense of time fades away.

It’s a place where everything flows effortlessly.

It’s a place where we become so focused on the task at hand that our worries about the past and future simply fade away.

In this place, we can open up and let our creativity flow.

In this place, all the chaos of the outer world suddenly organizes and orders itself around us in a way that provides meaning to our lives.

In this place…

We can simply BE.

And when Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss,” he was telling us how to find that place.

He was telling us to follow the instinct that we all possess which lets us know when we are moving closer to where we’re meant to be.

Everybody has their own unique, driving passion in life.

We all have one thing that gives our lives a sense of deep meaning and purpose.

But it’s different for everybody.

Nobody else can tell you what yours is. And nobody needs to tell you. You have an inner compass that will always move you in the right direction.

When you feel ‘bliss’ you are on the right path, because your skills and passions match up perfectly with the challenges you face.

You make everything you do look easy to others, because you’re walking that fine line between order and chaos that allows you to create your life as you go, in a way that gives you a sense of meaning and accomplishment.

On one side of that line are the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, where your challenges far outweigh your skills.

And, on the other side of that line, you’ll find feelings of boredom and apathy because your skills outweigh your challenges.

Bliss keeps you moving right down the middle, always headed towards the place where everything fits together perfectly.

It’s a simple truth.

But, like all simple truths, it’s easily dismissed or corrupted by the cynicism of the conscious mind.

People twist the meaning of “follow your bliss” into something more like “if it feels good, do it.”

Problem is, lots of things that feel good won’t doing anything to make your life easier.

Drugs and alcohol can induce feelings of euphoria, but that’s not bliss.

Bliss gives your life meaning and order. Drug-induced euphoria leads to addiction, depression and increased chaos.

Bliss makes your life easier. Addiction makes it much harder.

Not everything that feels good is good for you.

And “bliss” isn’t just a good feeling. It’s an instinct. An inner guidance system that tells you when your conscious and subconscious mind are heading in the same direction.

Learn to identify, and follow, that instinct and you’ll never stray from your true path.