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Eat healthier without trying

My favorite part about the Healthy Eating Habits session is how people always report that their unhealthy cravings simply disappear after listening… Without any effort on their part. They just wake up one day and notice that they’re eating better: “Noticed a difference in less time than I thought it would take.The changes are so […]

How I became an anti-hoarder

Neither of my parents were very tidy people. And while my childhood home wasn’t exactly a candidate for the show ‘Hoarders’, it got dangerously close at times. Now, as an adult, I’m a bit of an anti-hoarder due to my childhood experiences of chronic health problems and needless stress caused by my living environment. Some […]

Can your attitude improve your health?

People who worry too much have shorter lifespans. Needlessly worrying about things we can’t control increases the stress chemicals in our blood. And decades of research have shown that all those extra stress chemicals harden your arteries and restrict your blood flow… …Increasing your chances of heart attack and stroke… …and even crippling your immune […]

The Most Dangerous Thing About Junk Food

I usually eat pretty healthy. But lately I’ve been letting myself slip. During the chaos of moving I found myself eating fast food and sugary snacks just because I didn’t have time to sit down and eat a real meal. It was just a little junk food here and there at first… But then… Next […]

Is loneliness killing us?

I read a disturbing news article today. It talks about how loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions in our society. Apparently, despite our world being more connected than ever, people are connecting less and less on a personal level. It’s all about posting selfies on Facebook… Not about developing meaningful, personal relationships with real people, face […]

And The Happiness “X Factor” Is…

Teens are increasingly unhappy these days. Yeah… I know… teens are always unhappy… but seriously, it’s becoming a mental health crisis. I just read about a study in a Psychology Today article that looked into the reasons why. What activities promote a happy, healthy attitude in our children? Which activities make them depressed? The answers […]

The Little Monsters Making Me Crave Sugar

I had to quit eating refined sugar back in my 20s. My family is plagued by type 2 diabetes. And after watching it destroy my grandfather’s health and the health of several of my uncles, I decided I just wasn’t going to eat sugar anymore. Whatever pleasure I was getting from eating sugar simply wasn’t […]

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Boost Your Brain Power Overnight

There’s a modern myth about productivity that says: The more hours you work, the more you can accomplish. If you want to be successful in school, you need to study 16 hours a day and sacrifice a few hours of sleep each night. And if you want to succeed in your career, you should probably […]