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Eat healthier without trying

My favorite part about the Healthy Eating Habits session is how people always report that their unhealthy cravings simply disappear after listening…

Without any effort on their part.

They just wake up one day and notice that they’re eating better:

“Noticed a difference in less time than I thought it would take.
The changes are so subtle I barely noticed that I was eating more healthy all the time.
Lost 8 pounds so far, great product.” – Gary

“As a non-drinker/smoker, I turn to food for that “dopamine hit” in times of stress – which I have been under a lot lately. On the way home from work yesterday, I drove right past my go-to spot for junk food and waited until I got home to eat something healthier. That never happened before.” – Matthew

“I could tell after listening just once that my food cravings weren’t as strong and I made better food choices right away.” – JV

I’ve never seen results like that from simple affirmations, either…

Just repeating to yourself things like “I love eating healthy food” or whatever isn’t going to make these powerful, almost instantaneous changes in your behavior.

What I have seen create these results, time and time again, is a conversational hypnosis technique I use when helping a client overcome their food cravings.

It’s not like stage hypnosis.

They don’t fall asleep or even have to do any sort of deep trance while speaking with me.

It’s just a casual conversation with embedded commands that go directly to their subconscious mind and help my client subliminally redirect their desire to comfort themselves with the short-lived pleasure of junk food…

Towards the long-term pleasure of being healthy and full of energy.

In a really tough case we will do some visualization work, but even that is more like a guided meditation than anything people might picture when they think of hypnosis.

And Healthy Eating Habits 2.0 does the same thing.

The subliminal script, based on my hypnosis methods, helps you to break the association of junk food with pleasure and, in fact, creates a new association with all the negative effects that you already logically know should be associated with eating unhealthy, but are very easy to push to the corner of your conscious mind when the emotional and physical cravings hit, and…

Then it attaches the association of pleasure to where it should be: eating healthy so that you can BE healthy and full of energy.

After that…

The cravings just go away and eating healthy becomes an automatic habit like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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