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Can your attitude improve your health?

People who worry too much have shorter lifespans.

Needlessly worrying about things we can’t control increases the stress chemicals in our blood.

And decades of research have shown that all those extra stress chemicals harden your arteries and restrict your blood flow…

…Increasing your chances of heart attack and stroke…

…and even crippling your immune system.

On the other hand, people with optimistic attitudes have lower blood pressure, put less stress on their heart and arteries, and enjoy overall better health as they get older… thanks to lowered wear and tear on their bodies.

So an optimistic attitude doesn’t just make you feel happier…

It also protects your heart and helps you live longer.

And newer research is showing… unsurprisingly… that the same is true for your brain, too.

If you’re constantly worrying, complaining, and stressing yourself out over things you can’t control… you’re increasing your risk of not only a heart attack… but also a stroke.

And again, the best solution is to improve your mood to lower your stress chemicals, and lower your risk of stroke.

This is great news!


Because developing a positive mental attitude is something you CAN control.

Our moods are just a mental habit we’ve developed, like any other habit.

So, if you’re in the habit of focusing on negative things and stressing yourself out… you can easily replace that habit and learn to focus on the more positive aspects of your life… all the things you’re grateful for… all the things that bring you joy… thereby lowering your stress levels.

With some practice and dedication, you can eliminate needless worrying and negative attitudes entirely… lower your overall stress… and, in theory, even extend your life.

And, if you need help developing that habit of positive thinking in your daily life, you can grab a copy of our Positive Thinking Power 2.0 subliminal session to start improving your subconscious moods and attitudes from day one.

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