Be More Assertive Affirmations MP3


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Take charge of your life! Start setting boundaries and assertively let others know where you stand.

This subliminal affirmations MP3 provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music embedded with powerful positive affirmations to boost your confidence and make you more assertive in life.

Become More Assertive Affirmations

  • I am assertive.
  • I am confident when talking to others.
  • People notice that I stand up for myself.
  • I always tell others how I feel.
  • I can be firm with others when necessary.
  • My boundaries are clear to others.
  • I easily speak my mind.
  • It is easy to express myself honestly.
  • I feel outgoing all the time.
  • People listen to me when I speak.
  • I am comfortable asking people to do things.
  • Others deserve to know how I really feel.
  • It is my right to speak up.
  • I make others aware of my needs.
  • I express my thoughts openly and honestly.
  • I have strong values and I live by them.
  • Asserting myself comes naturally to me.
  • I can assert myself in any situation.
  • My life is improving thanks to my assertiveness.
  • Others value my thoughts and opinions.
  • Other people respect my open communication.
  • I can confidently take control of any situation.


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