Develop Self-Discipline Affirmations MP3


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Lack of self-discipline leaves you at the mercy of your whims and bad habits. Your health and relationships suffer and you can never seem to accomplish anything of lasting value in life.

But once you develop real self-discipline it’s like gaining a superpower. Suddenly you can just decide you want something and then take the steps to make it happen: eating healthy, exercising more, making more money, dropping any bad habits, etc.

This subliminal affirmations session provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music embedded with powerful positive affirmations to give you the mindset you need to start moving towards a disciplined lifestyle. Over time you will find yourself automatically doing more of the things that help you improve your life, and less of the things that distract you and harm you.

Develop Self-Discipline Subliminal Affirmations

  • I am in control of my life.
  • My habits are aligning with my goals, more and more each day.
  • I am putting a little more time and effort into achieving my goals every day.
  • I am taking actions that support my goals.
  • It’s easy to let go of distractions because my mind is focused on my goals.
  • My cravings are giving way to my motivation to succeed.
  • People admire my self-discipline.
  • My life is improving because of my mental and emotional focus.
  • I am achieving my full potential by focusing my energy on habits that move me forward.
  • I am in full control of everything I do.
  • I am the master of my destiny.
  • I am creating my life according to my values.
  • I am willing to do whatever it takes to realize my full potential.
  • I am improving my skills and abilities every day.
  • I trust myself to get things done.
  • Other people admire my ability to set goals and achieve them.
  • I am letting go of habits that distract me from my goals.
  • My confidence in myself is growing the more I focus on getting things done.
  • I wake up each morning with gratitude for new opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Whatever I decide to do becomes the law of my life.


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