Releasing Resentment Affirmations MP3


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Resentment can make you feel like someone else has all the power in your life. It causes you to stop focusing on your own goals and instead focus on feelings of victimhood and injustice. And if you continue to hold on to it, you’ll create a mental prison for yourself where nothing ever seems to go your way in life.

This subliminal affirmations MP3 provides an hour of deeply hypnotic binaural beats music to relax your mind and body while positive affirmations allow you to let go of resentment and get back to living your own life, on your own terms.

Releasing Resentment Subliminal Affirmations

  • I am excited to move on with my life.
  • I am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that await me.
  • I have learned from my past mistakes and will use my new wisdom to create a better life.
  • I have a bright and hopeful future ahead of me.
  • My positive attitude is attracting great people into my life.
  • I choose to forgive and to move forward.
  • I am moving into a world filled with infinite possibilities.
  • I am in total control of my life and my future.
  • I am releasing all resentment from my life.
  • The more resentment I release the more hopeful I become.
  • I acknowledge my faults and forgive myself completely.
  • I acknowledge the faults of others and forgive them completely.
  • I feel more at peace with myself each and every day.
  • Every day is filled with new possibilities.
  • I am creating a great future for myself and my loved ones.
  • I deserve all the compassion and kindness that I give to others.
  • I choose to treat myself with love and respect.
  • I grow more patient and understanding of others the more I understand myself.


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