Free Yourself From Envy


Envy forces you to obsess over the success of others, while neglecting to take action to create success in your own life.

Constantly comparing yourself to others blinds you to all the unique opportunities available only to you.

And once you allow envy to become a habit, it’s hard to escape because you will always find other people doing better than you at something.

You will always feel inferior or insecure because you’ll get caught in the trap of only noticing the areas of your life that are “worse” than others, while ignoring all the great things you have going for you.

Envy imprisons you in a mindset of scarcity, where you focus only on the perceived lack in your life. And continued focus on scarcity can cripple your thinking and motivation. It becomes a downward spiral, intensifying your envy with all the energy and attention you give to it.

This subliminal hypnosis session will get you out of the envy trap and away from your scarcity mindset, so that you can focus on creating your own unique successes in life.

From a mindset of abundance and self-worth, your focus will be shifted onto the good things in your life. Feeling gratitude for everything that is uniquely good in your life will allow you to attract even more good things, people, and situations into your life.

And the more you focus on gratitude for the things you have, the less you’ll worry about comparing yourself to others.

You’ll gradually find yourself spending less time analyzing your life and more time living it and exploring it in whatever way best suits you. You’ll feel joy for the success of others – as well as your own – knowing that there is plenty for everyone and that everyone has their own part to play in life.

You will break free from envy and truly enjoy your own life and your own unique path.

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