Eliminate Fear of Failure 2.0 Subliminal CD


  • Relax and let go of useless fear and worry as you listen.
  • Instantly boost your confidence and faith in your ability to succeed.
  • Embrace failure for what it is – a natural part of the learning process.

Is your fear of failure holding you back from the success you want in life? Do you find yourself avoiding new challenges for fear of embarrassment or frustration?

While that fear may be protecting you from perceived shame or disappointment, it is also robbing you of very real learning experiences for your personal growth and your success in life.

People who do nothing achieve nothing. The false sense of safety provided by inaction comes at the cost of living an unfulfilling life.

Successful people eliminate their fear of failure by developing a mindset that embraces failure as a key ingredient to their success. With each failure, they learn what not to do, and the path to their success becomes clearer. So they learn to fail fast and fail forward to reach success as quickly as possible.

This subliminal hypnosis session will instill in you the same mindset, so that you embrace failures as part of the learning experience and continue moving forward without dwelling on them. When you realize that failure is actually beneficial you will easily take action towards overcoming any new challenge with a strong faith in your ability to learn and adapt on the move.

And you can finally free yourself from that mental preoccupation with the fear of possible failures as your mindset shifts towards total focus on your future success.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years if you could take action now, free from fear and hesitation?

What’s New In Speedzen 2.0?

Each new Speedzen 2.0 subliminal audio program includes a variety of 1-hour soundtracks to choose from:

  • Meditation Music
  • Ocean Waves
  • Mountain Stream
  • Gentle Thunderstorm

More importantly, each Speedzen 2.0 subliminal CD includes two different scripts…

One script designed specifically to speak to your logical, left brain hemisphere. And one script for your creative, right brain hemisphere.

By playing these two scripts simultaneously – one in each ear – your conscious and unconscious mind are each re-programmed with new and empowering beliefs faster than ever before.

This new, Dual-Hemisphere Subliminal Scripting method also works without the need for long meditation sessions or total concentration.

You can still use them to meditate. And you *should* still meditate at least once a week, just to get the mental and emotional benefits of meditation, but…

This new scripting method works so fast that you can start feeling results in as little as 10-20 minutes a day!

And, you can listen while you work, go for a walk, or anything else throughout your day… and still get fast results.

Listening Instructions

However, it’s important that you use headphones or earbuds. They are required for these new subliminal CDs to work effectively.

You must also make sure that you are wearing them properly – so that the left script is playing in your left ear, and the right script is playing in your right ear.

If your headphones/earbuds are clearly labeled Left & Right, then you’re good to go!

But, if they’re not labeled, just listen for the Left Ear Indicator tone at the beginning of your subliminal CD.

When you first play any of these subliminal CDs, you’ll hear a tone playing in one of your ears. That tone needs to be in your left ear. So, if it’s in the right instead, just swap them around before continuing.


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