Freedom From Your Past




Are you living your life to the fullest? Or are you holding back because of emotionally painful events in your past?

Do you connect easily with the people you care about? Or does your emotional baggage prevent you from experiencing true intimacy?

Can you freely express yourself to others? Or do you tend to keep things bottled up?

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that you could just “get over it” and move on with your life, then this subliminal hypnosis album was made for you. Now you can release old emotional trauma and resentment to achieve true freedom from your past.

Our unique blend of brainwave entrainment technology and subliminal messages will allow you to:

  • Release the emotional pain attached to negative experiences, resentments and rejections, so that you can learn from your past instead of hiding from it.
  • Easily let go of self-criticism and self-resentment as you realize that all experiences, even negative ones, can provide valuable self-knowledge and fuel for personal growth.
  • Adopt a more optimistic view of life as you reprogram your mind to notice all the good things for which you are thankful.
  • Develop a hopeful anticipation of a future full of limitless possibilities as you finally realize that your future is no longer limited by your past!

With continued use, you will find it easier to truly live and enjoy life in the present moment. Without the burden of unresolved negative emotions holding you back, your future will no longer be limited to your past.

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