Stop Being A People Pleaser


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Are you too polite and agreeable with people who don’t deserve it?

Do you have trouble setting and enforcing personal boundaries?

Do you wish you could just say ‘no’ to people who take advantage of your kindness?

Compassion and empathy are wonderful traits to have, perhaps even the most important traits anyone could have. But if you’re a people pleaser, then you probably aren’t saving enough of that compassion and empathy for yourself.

After all, if you’re always bending over backwards for other people, you’re never standing up for yourself.

And when you allow others to take advantage of you, you’ll eventually become resentful and bitter towards the very people you wish to help. Maybe you’ll even become passive aggressive, or worse, lash out at people in frustration, only to feel terrible about it immediately after.

This subliminal hypnosis session will allow you to get clear on your own needs and desires so you can set clear boundaries with others.

It will help you to notice when you start to feel resentment for others. This is a clear warning sign that you are giving more than you can, and neglecting yourself.

This new awareness will allow you to reflect on what you would rather have in the situation. Because when you are clear on what you want – when you consider your own needs – it’s much easier to set clear boundaries for others and to express to others what you want.

Usually the other person is simply unaware that they are asking too much of you. But when you can clearly communicate your needs to them, they will respect your boundaries, and your relationship will be healthier and happier as a result.

Of course there will be rare times when the other person is actually malicious, and intentionally taking advantage of you. But in those cases you’ll have the confidence you need to refuse to be their doormat. Real confrontation with these people is unpleasant, but when you get clear with yourself about what you want, you’ll easily summon the courage to confront them and stand your ground.

With time you will come to peace with the fact that you simply can’t please all people all the time. You’ll accept that you can’t change everything and you can’t change anyone else. This is a liberating experience. It frees you to finally live your own life to the fullest, while saving your compassion and empathy for all the people who actually deserve it.


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