Attract the Right Man for Marriage


Are all the wrong people approaching you for marriage? Are the men that approach you for marriage not the types you would want to marry, while the types you would love to marry seem not to notice you? Do you often find yourself settling for Mr. Right Now instead of Mr. Right?

This is the Law of Attraction at work: you attract who you are, not who you want. If you desire to attract the right man for marriage, you must understand that what you want is an important part of who you are.

This subliminal album will allow you to open up to yourself and know yourself better so that you can BE yourself and finally attract the man of your dreams. You will:

  • Subliminally rewire your negative self-talk. When you tell yourself things like “all the good men are taken,” you are programming yourself to see everyone else as nothing more than left-overs. Program yourself instead with positive expectations that the perfect man is out there and he’s just as anxious to find you as you are to find him.
  • Develop the confidence to simply be yourself. When you put on a social mask to try to please everyone, you will only ever attract short-term relationship material. On the other hand, when you let your true self shine through, you will radiate all the traits that are most attractive to your perfect match.
  • Embrace your innate femininity and the belief that you are naturally attractive to the right man. This is very important because it effects everything you think and do, from the way you take care of yourself to the way you smile and interact with everyone you meet.

The man you are destined to spend the rest of your life with is out there. He is looking for you just like you are looking for him. And one day you will run into each other.

So ask yourself this: “As I am now, will we even recognize each other when we meet?”

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