Eliminate Jealousy


Is your jealousy making it hard to maintain healthy, trusting relationships?

Do you often feel jealous even though the other person has never given you a reason not to trust them?

If you’re the overly jealous type, you might even resent other people getting attention. Maybe you find it hard to let friends and partners have a life of their own, becoming over-protective and envying any happiness they find outside of your relationship.

And while some jealousy in relationships is totally normal… when we can’t figure out why it’s happening, or talk about it in a healthy way, it can start to feel more like full-blown paranoia instead.

It gets triggered when something in the present reminds us of what hurt us in the past.

Maybe we fear abandonment because our parents got divorced, or someone cheated on us, or a best friend left us. And because this hurt us so much, it becomes incredibly difficult to forget. That emotional wound can even become a part of us, surfacing all the time to “protect” us even when it’s not useful or needed.

Jealousy makes us focus only on the negative. It leads us to take things personally and to “mind read” negative emotions in other people, always assuming the worst about what others are thinking or doing.

This subliminal hypnosis session will help you to let go of those past emotional wounds, and develop emotional habits to control and eventually eliminate your jealousy.

When you do feel jealous, you’ll begin to recognize it and analyze it instead of acting on it. This mental pause will allow you to develop more self-awareness of your jealousy triggers so that it no longer controls your behavior in unexpected ways.

With time and increased self-control, your confidence will improve as you begin to feel more comfortable just being yourself and allowing others to be themselves.

And when you finally let go of your past emotional pains for good, your friendships and relationships will naturally become more focused on how you can help others feel secure and comfortable.

Your newfound sense of inner peace and security will allow you to truly connect with others in a open, two-way flow of trust and sharing.

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