Eliminate OCD




Are you tormented by intrusive thoughts?

Is your life consumed by rituals to avoid and escape those anxiety-inducing thoughts?

People who have never experienced obsessive compulsive disorder find it very hard to understand. They just don’t get why you can’t simply refuse to count to a hundred, wash your hands for the twentieth time, open and shut the door in precisely that way – or whatever compulsions you might have had in the past.

And the problem is, you can’t understand it either.

You only know that the feeling that you must do it is too strong to ignore.

But you also understand, logically, that the obsessive behaviors aren’t actually helping and that you shouldn’t need to do them.

And since these intrusive thoughts spring forth from the subconscious, there’s little you can do with logic or conscious thinking to overcome them. That subconscious desire to avoid uncertainty will continue to manifest as compulsive behaviors until the underlying fear of uncertainty is resolved. Unfortunately, while compulsions may provide temporary relief in the short term, they only strengthen that fear in the long term since avoiding and escaping subconscious fears causes them the grow.

The only way to eliminate OCD for good is to let go of that subconscious need for certainty in an uncertain world…

Which is exactly why subliminal hypnosis can help.

This subliminal session bypasses the conscious, logical mind and speaks directly to your subconscious, allowing you to uproot the fears and insecurities that cause your compulsive behaviors at the source.

You will soon find yourself letting go of needless worrying and simply relaxing as you begin to focus more on living your life. The need to control everything in your environment will quickly fade away as you begin to get back in touch with your true feelings and develop more control over your thoughts and emotions. And with time you will finally be able to embrace uncertainty with faith in your ability to handle whatever challenges or surprises life may have in store for you.

Just imagine living your life with a happy go lucky attitude, free from intrusive worries and anxieties. Free from the feeling that you must constantly double check and triple check everything around you. Free to simply be yourself and enjoy your life!


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