Increase Metabolism – Subliminal Weight Loss


This unique brainwave entrainment album will speed up your metabolism and send your energy levels through the roof so that you can burn as much fat as possible while working out, doing chores around the house, or even just sitting at your desk!

WARNING: Unlike our other subliminal albums, we recommend that you do NOT listen to this CD right before bed!

You are going to be so supercharged with energy that you can’t possibly get to sleep! While the other two CDs in this subliminal weight loss series use brainwave entrainment technology to induce a relaxing hypnotic trance, this CD is designed instead to boost your metabolism and maximize your calorie burning efficiency.

Your purchase includes one 45 minute metabolism boosting track and one 20 minute “cool-down” track to give your mind and body a moment to relax and recharge after running at maximum capacity. The cool-down track also includes subliminal weight loss messages to reinforce your new workout habits so that you will feel motivated and excited about continuing your weight-loss plan.

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