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If you have a nail biting problem it may have a bigger effect on your social life and professional life than you think.

Nail biting is seen as a sign of weakness, a lack of self-control, or simply childish at best. And even if nobody ever catches you in the act, the fact that your nails look terrible communicates to your friends and colleagues on a deep level that you are not in control of yourself.

Not to worry! With the help of this subliminal album you can quickly and easily do away with this nasty habit for good. And you don’t have to worry about developing unbreakable will-power to do it.

Unlike chemical addictions which require many angles of attack to cure, nail biting is simply a matter of uncontrolled nervous energy. Find a better use for that energy and you’ll automatically stop biting your nails!

As you listen to the music, your subconscious will receive positive subliminal messages designed to give you a greater body-awareness, self-control, and a calm mental focus. You’ll be aware of your compulsion before it ever happens, and have the presence of mind to simply do something else. Before you know it, the impulse to bite your nails will simply vanish.

Stop letting others think less of you. Treat yourself better, and look and feel in control. It’s as easy as listening!

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1 review for Stop Nail Biting

  1. Richard

    For my entire life I have struggled with how to stop biting my nails. I tried various other programs, both hypnosis and subliminal. Now to be honest they did work, but the problem was that once I stopped using them or even if I continued using them, some stress or anxiety would come over me and I would go back to biting my nails. I even used visual subliminal software programs which also worked. But the problem was that eventually I would go back to biting my nails again. When I found speedzen, I figured I give it a try as it sounded different and when I googled best subliminal products, speedzen was rated #1. So, I gave it a try and once again tried their product on stopping nailbiting. At this point my nails were really bitten down badly and looked awful. After 4 or 5 days of using the speedzen product, I found that I stopped biting my nails. I then continued using the product twice a week instead of 3 or more times a week.
    To date I have not bitten my nails at all. Except just recently one of finger nails felt rough and starting catching on material. I did not have clippers around so I bit the nails a little to smooth it down. But I did bite a bit more than I should. But here is the interesting part, in the past I would have bitten all my nails shortly afterwards. Not only did I not do this, but I felt no anxiety or desire to bite any of my nails again. And it has now been about 4 weeks since I stopped biting my nails.

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