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From Scarcity to Abundance

We affirm and re-affirm our reality every moment of our waking lives.

The automatic thoughts, feelings, and actions you experience throughout your day are habits that spring forth from your deepest beliefs about yourself, and the world around you.

People who believe in an abundant universe think in terms of abundance.

And so they feel gratitude for everything they have.

Which automatically causes them to act in ways that will that bring them more health, wealth, and good things in life…

Thereby creating a positive feedback loop that strengthens their belief in abundance.

On the other hand…

People who believe in a universe of scarcity will automatically think, feel, and act in ways that affirm that belief, instead.

And their habits will manifest a reality of scarcity… thereby strengthening their belief in scarcity.

So how can someone switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset?


Just break the feedback loop.

Your beliefs create your habitual thoughts and feelings…

…which create your automatic behaviors…

…which then re-affirm your beliefs…

…which feed back into your habitual thoughts…

…and so on.

So, interrupt your negative thoughts.

Break the loop.

And then insert the thoughts you’d *rather* have.

When you catch yourself thinking about scarcity… and feeling that you lack something… just stop.

Think of abundance instead.

Remind yourself of all the things you are grateful to have.

Write down a list of those things and carry it around in your pocket if you need to.

And then…

By making this conscious effort to affirm a positive pattern of thinking…

You will automatically feel – and act – in different ways, too.

And your beliefs will begin to change to reflect your new way of thinking.


Sometimes it can be very difficult to notice these old thinking patterns in the heat of the moment.

Especially if they’ve turned into deeply ingrained habits through years of repetition.

In these cases, it definitely helps to tackle the problem directly at the subconscious level, too.

That’s where my Positive Thinking Power subliminal session can help.

By allowing you to deeply relax and enter a state of meditative trance, it becomes much easier for the subliminal script to replace the old ways of thinking with something more positive… directly at the source… your beliefs.

After that, the process of interrupting and replacing your limiting thinking becomes almost automatic and effortless, simply by listening.

Experience Speedzen

Just press play and relax to experience deep, blissful, healing meditation while simultaneously reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, health, and happiness.


  1. Always enjoy your thoughts on all of your insights God given….

  2. Hi Jason

    I have really noticed a difference in my mindset since listening to three audios on loop through the night. These are the V2 of each one on Positive Thinking Power, Think Like A Winner and Attract Money. I feel far more positive since listening to those three.

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