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My Dirty Little Mind Control Secret

I got an email today from a guy telling me that he refused to try my free subliminal MP3 because it was probably just going to hypnotize him to buy my products.

Well yeah, that’s exactly what it does.

Just not the way he seemed to think.

No, I’m sure what he meant was that it was just full of affirmations telling him to buy my stuff.

That wouldn’t work though.

Here’s why:

The description and instructions tell you what to expect from it (a quick boost in confidence), so your subconscious mind is already primed to expect that before you even listen.

So if the MP3 contained anything other than what you were told to expect – hypnotic suggestions designed to make you visualize yourself feeling confident and acting confident so that you will feel confident and act confident in real life – your subconscious would shut it out immediately and you’d feel an instinctive revulsion to listening to any more of my products…

…Because subconsciously you’d know that I had lied to you.

But, like I said, it does hypnotize you into buying more of my products.

The same way that the lady at the grocery store handing out free samples “hypnotizes” you into buying some new food.

If she just stood there shouting “This food is delicious, buy some now!” you’d really have no reason to believe her or be motivated to buy it.

But if you try a free sample and you agree that it’s delicious, you immediately begin to picture yourself eating and enjoying more of it. She can even close the deal right there by getting you to think about how great it will go with your next dinner, “Just imagine all the compliments you’ll get!”

And it’s exactly the same way with my free MP3.

If I just went around telling people that listening to an MP3 could make them feel better about themselves, nobody would believe it.

So I give out a free demo that delivers on that promise.

Thereby “hypnotizing” you into buying one of the full-length sessions by proving to you that they work; by delivering immediate results that you can feel for yourself.

And, naturally, if you enjoy the results that you get from the free MP3, you’ll automatically begin imagining all that you could achieve with any of the other full-length subliminal sessions.

And that’s all there is to it…

My mind control secret that I use to get you to buy my products: I prove to you that they work before asking you to invest any money on them.

Devious, I know.

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